Eliminating postage renewal notices saves $ 29 million for Ontarians

TORONTO – The Ontario government continues to provide access to modern and customer-centric services by eliminating paper renewal notices by supporting convenient digital reminders. By eliminating paper renovation ads, Ontario can save up to $ 29 million over five years on postage and postage costs, and money can be re-invested in critical programs and services such as education. It will also benefit the environment by saving nearly 80 million sheets – approximately 16,000 boxes or 362 tons – in five years, reducing unnecessary waste and protecting our forests.

“Our government is taking another big step forward in our digital startup by shifting from snail mail to a modern alternative, saving tax dollars and eliminating excessive paper waste. “As part of our commitment to improving access to government services for the people and businesses of our region, Ontarians can now benefit from reliable and up-to-date reminders and renew their products from home,” said Ross Romano.

Going to the digital model for renewal advertising builds on a number of initiatives that the government has decided to use to make Ontarians more convenient, accessible, and convenient.

  • Enabling 40 services online 24/7 access via ServiceOntario, the option to print products directly to you and in-house renewal confirmation.
  • Launching the new Ontario Business Registry Fast and easy access to over 90 transactions at each stage of their life cycle to support businesses and nonprofits, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • To do Land Registry Completely paperless as a portable web portal provides land registration records for international remote access.
  • Enable online permanent renewal Accessible parking permits And Ontario Photo Cards.
  • Provide additional payment options for driver and vehicle products.

“More impeccable digital services will make it easier for people in Ontario to access important information, such as license renewals, both at home and on the go,” said Finance Minister Peter Bettelfalvi. “Our government continues to provide additional opportunities to meet the needs of people wherever they are and where they need digital services.”

Ontarians who have not had their products renewed due to temporary extensions due to the CV-19 epidemic will receive a final letter in the mail stating that the time has come. Renewal. For a complete list of renewal deadlines, visit Ontario.ca/RenewalDeadlines.

“Our government is building a strong foundation for Digital Ontario and will continue to update for better service,” said Caled Rashid, co-founder of the Digital Government. Ontarians hold and deserve digital services.

Earlier this yearThe government announced an option for Ontarians to access digital reminders 30 and 60 days ago. Nearly one million volunteer registrations have been completed to deliver digital reminders, allowing Ontarians to be updated during important renewals.

Quick facts

  • Some Ontarians continue to receive paper renewal letters for these products. Visit for a list of exceptions Ontario.ca/ Reminders.
  • Ontarians can continue to receive respectful renewal notices for driver’s licenses, posters and health cards by email, text or phone. Ontario.ca/ Reminders.
  • No renewal notice is required to update any product in ServiceOntario. Most driver’s licenses, license stickers and health cards expire at your birthday.
  • Signing up for digital reminders is easy, free and secure. Eligible Ontarians can register at. Ontario.ca/ Reminders.
  • On September 1, 2021, the government announced the renewal of driver’s licenses, license plates, Ontario Health Card, Ontario Health Cards, and other products that had been temporarily extended due to the CVD-19 epidemic. For a complete list of renewal deadlines, visit Ontario.ca/RenewalDeadlines.
  • It’s quick and easy to update products on. ServiceOntario.ca. More than 40 services are available online with 24/7 access, and products will be mailed to you directly with the option of printing in-house updates.