Construction data

A picture says a thousand words, doesn’t it? Finding a simple way to visualize the construction information you need will help you make better decisions.

Construction Software Company Constructive Collaborated with Theater 360 To provide innovative and practical solutions for the construction supply chain to integrate data into 360 photographs.

You can now build 360 virtual tours and get important information about construction sites or existing buildings quickly implemented.

A simple first step may be to use a custom floor plan with photos as shown in the interactive image (below).

Information and 360 photographs – a match made in the sky

With the help of Theatro360, Cobuilder offers a new option for embedded product data in a virtual environment. The result of this collaboration is a structured digital product information, integrated with 360-degree virtual representation of the construction environment. Data templates.

“We see this as a practical matter Digital approach Improving Information Management in the Sector ”Comments Anthony BroffyDirector of Business Development at Cobuilder UK.

“Simply put, using our suite of tools and a global network, customers can integrate 360-content structured product information in minutes. Remote users can do the integration themselves or with the help of a team of experts.

“Data view allows users to view Digital Information Helps make informed decisions from different perspectives and actors.

360-Visits also apply to virtual security training. During this time many construction problems can occur. This feature allows CGIs to bring customized elements to the experience of the tour, 3D recordings and model integration to compare live surroundings.

The benefits that this partnership brings to consumers

Combined knowledge of Theatro360 and Cobuilder, including marine industry (including supermarkets, backyards and marina), international airports, construction sites, high-rise buildings, housing development and more.

Data visualization allows users to view digital information from different angles and helps actors make better informed decisions. Clear product information by all stakeholders – customers, architects, designers, engineers, contractors, installers – really enhances the understanding of what is described, purchased and installed in the project.

By combining visual imagery and accurate information, actors can easily answer key questions related to products and materials that improve decision-making. Those questions are, “What is it?”, “Where is it?” They say. And “What can I understand about it?”

  • “what is this?” It relates to how the product is described and the characteristics associated with it.
  • “where is?” Usually the place, the building, the floor, the room are any given entity.
  • “What can I understand about it?” This may be related to performance, health and safety, location information with any maintenance requirements, replacement cost, etc.

How are immersive images captured and connected to product data?

The process is very simple and user-friendly.

  • Take a photograph (panoramic, 360 2D or 360 3D stereoscopic).
  • Upload images by app or CMS.
  • Upload a floor plan (drawing, pen drawing, CAD drawing in PDF).
  • Drag and drop immersive images to the desired floor plan location.
  • Connect the product data sheet to the objects in the photo (and add it to the main menu) using dynamic tools.
  • Create a virtual tour of some or all of the buildings (like a 360-foot walk if desired).

To 360 photography, Theatro360 and Cobuilder software platform

The 360-degree rotation allows the viewer to explore the entire 360 ​​in a very natural way, with the full rotation of the original view. The possibilities are endless when we use this technology in construction. By scrolling or scrolling through the screen, any construction player can quickly browse the necessary information.

Theater 360 It is a versatile visual device. Convenient display of construction sites, properties, boats, airports and hotels, allowing the user to explore every detail.

Constructive Future protection mechanisms will be implemented to structure product data in accordance with all relevant industry standards. Through Data templatesBuild on specialDigital Data Dictionary“Framework, Collaborative to Achieve Its Purpose”Common digital language“Improving overall data management in construction and therefore in the industry.

These data models are central to Cobuilder’s software solutions and guarantee high quality data, while Theatro360’s visualization tool makes everyone feel part of the construction site. This collaboration provides users with the knowledge of two companies with a deep love of structured data and virtual reality to provide a simple, recognizable project data exploration method.

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Want to see more?

You can contact our representatives at Digital Excel Construction Week (DCW) on 24-25 November 2021 in London.

If you are visiting the conference, join Anthony Browfin’s session at the DC Tech Stage at 2:00 pm on November 24, during which you will learn more about 360 structured and standardized information. Don’t forget to come with Cobuilder stand A60 for system display.

Click the image below to browse through Interactive 360 ​​Virtual Tour. For more information on each build item and for product information configured, walk and click the link. You can expand to full screen mode in the top right corner.

Construction information

Press the play key to browse through Interactive 360 ​​Virtual Tour.

Construction information

Press the play key to browse through Interactive 360 ​​Virtual Tour.

Construction information

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