Lululemon costumes, “Easy Hood” and “Easy Pulver”.

Luleisure by Luly Yang

Luller Clothes, Camo Monarch Rain Jacket and Peplum Monarch Rain Shell

Luleisure by Luly Yang

Luleisure Clothing, Pathway Sweater and Modern Stretch Leather Pants

Couture designer and Seattle icon, Luli Young, is launching LULEISURE, a high-volume transition collection in everyday life.

It’s not about trends, it’s about investing in long-lasting pieces in your closet and building a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

– Luli Young

Seattle, W, United States, November 16, 2021 / – Luli Young To Start Luleisher – The first collection of all-time travel and leisure clothing, honoring and inspiring a more sustainable lifestyle

Coucher For the first time in its history, fashion designer Luli Young is releasing her travel and leisure line Luliusur.

Dec. 7, Luluisur includes signature Luli Young Kutur (LYC) Style to create high wardrobe masterpieces, statement pieces and multi-service accessories. Luleysur embodies today’s lifestyle, recognizing that we all need to change clothes. To celebrate this adaptation, Luleisur beautifully blurred the lines of transition pieces that can be arranged up or down to carry you from silver to business, season to season and travel home.

The designs include waist-length accents, angle stitches and blankets, glossy embellishments and a wide range of layers and jackets – from brushed jersey, knitted sweater and vegan leather to cropped, goose down and suede – ultimate rain jackets. Monarch publication with Young’s signature.

Young’s love for travel has led to her being inspired by a new collection. As she travels, she explores various locations, climates, and environments around the world that require long-lasting, adaptable, and space-saving pieces in her suitcase. First, the concept of pre-epidemic is focused on “dressing up and feeling good.”

However, after the beginning of 2020, Young changed her vision for the new, and more ordinary, home-grown culture. With the emergence of a major set of uniforms, Cocker-under-the-designer incorporated more and more of her skills into her new work, and thus Luleisur was born.

Some highlights from the new line include the following:
• Monarch Camo Rain Jacket Printing Signature Camo Monarch Print Rain Jacket with Compressed waist, vegan leather straps and zipper front bib with thumb.
• Bonded Sweater Jacket Zoom Patch (for the new virtual meeting rules cheekbones) Bicycle jacket features embroidered collar, angle stitches, embroidery inserts and embroidered patterns.
• George: Everywhere Joker falls – super soft, brushed modal sweater pants with velvet. (These compliment the middle layer of the coordinate zip)
• Urban Mixed Media Park, a large Sudanese shaving park with nylon panels covered in sleeves and back.

Beyond style and function, sustainability is a core value of LYC and Luleisure, just like all Yang collections. Maintaining the company’s brand ethics Raising people’s experience is one of the most important aspects of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

“My hope is that Luluisur will inspire the next phase of fashion,” said Luli Young, LYC’s CEO and Creative Director. “It’s not about trends, it’s about investing in long-lasting pieces in your closet and building a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.”

In the Luluzer line, durability is moderate with the longevity and seasonality of each garment. Her thoughtful design and production process uses lightweight, carefree fabric to minimize the impact of digital product samples, limited room and user access to energy resources.

“We do not believe in fashion or fast fashion,” says Young. “We believe that the path to sustainable livelihoods is to create sustainable products with the quality and timeless design of fabrics. We can build these pieces from time to time and in the future.

Dec. 7 Luleisur launches at Alaska Airlines Lounge North Satellite at SeaTac Airport, online at and at the Luli Young Boutique in Downtown Seattle.

About Luli Young
Luli Young is a fashion designer and brand designer who wants to enhance the human experience with creative designs. This mission Founded in 2000, Luli Yang Kutur, her award-winning fashion house, is flooded with a versatile portfolio of red carpet evening dresses, bridal and underwear. LYDG Design Team (LYDG) designs and manufactures custom branded corporate uniforms; And special lines ready to wear limited edition and featuring accessories. LYC and LIDG are fully operational by a diverse group of women and are owned by Young only.

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