, the startup management of Tel Aviv in Tel Aviv, has closed a $ 8 million consecutive round of funding to change how teams operate in an efficient environment.

The funding round was led by Jell Ventures with the participation of Foss Arcé Capital, Initiative and Ron Zuckerman. In this round, has raised a total of $ 14.5 million, which will help accelerate the launch and expand the platform’s capabilities by developing machine learning tools.

Tal Shakd, general partner of Jell Ventures, cites the beginner’s potential and describes how to make effective teams.

“ is at the forefront of a critical transformation process that will impact the digital digital economy. Thanks to, CIOs in any organization can provide much-needed personal support to product managers, which outlines new levels of software innovation in enterprises. We look forward to supporting the company and its team as they continue to grow and develop their technological advancement through the experience of bringing product information to life throughout the lifecycle of product management. is based on the idea of ​​helping product managers at each stage of the roadmap to improve collaboration and adaptation between teams. The platform is currently used by some of the world’s largest companies, including Kimberly-Clark, SAP, Danon and Sisco Systems.

Elad Simon, CEO of, discusses how companies can use startup solutions

“For years, product management teams have lacked the unique and high-quality tools to help them do their job better, although digital product managers have become increasingly important in both technology and non-technology organizations. It puts them at risk of being interrupted not only by creative startups but also by long-time competitors who are better acquainted with the digital world.

By presenting Product Managers With an integrated solution, is allowing them to create better software at faster speeds and lower costs. Since most companies need an independent development team to create home appliances and manage critical infrastructure, he believes the startup will be a major player in the growing industry.