Launch of Software Product Management Platform Ltd. He closed his bank account to $ 8 million after closing a new round of funding.

The Series A round was led by Jel Ventures and included new investors Fossun Arzed Capital as well as existing investors Inmiti and Ron Zuckerman.

The Digital Product Management Platform speeds up collaboration and allows software design teams to easily communicate on the product mapping at any time, from the initial discovery to the moment it is in the hands of the users. One of the benefits of is that it allows companies to store all of their product data in one place, share product information and make it accessible to anyone in the organization.

Elad Simon, CEO of, told Silicon Anglele that the platform focuses on software development, with more general purpose product design and management tools, unlike platforms such as Jira, Monday and Rick. Although those tools are often used in software design, he said, “they do not have the unique capabilities of a single product in terms of depth and focus.”

Simon’s unique tool can be useful for many organizations because these days every enterprise must also be a software company, for example it needs to build digital tools to manage supply chains and mobile applications for customer engagement. To illustrate that point,, one of the largest clients of toilet paper, says that Kimberly-Clark Corporation has more software developers than Netflix Inc.

The CEO added that the platform was built with a focus on their own product managers as they play an important role in identifying and prioritizing software tools and their development. One of the key elements of the platform is a product layer called “Guru” that allows users to apply and take advantage of one-click product management practices. So, if a user wants to take a different priority model like “Rated short start”, she can simply go to Guru Views, select WSFJ and the system will create its own WSFJ board and include all related fields.

“Doing so will enable users to continuously integrate Excel experience and bottom-up development tools such as Jira,” product management. “Guru basically makes you a better product manager using”

Although the evidence is always in the pudding, and is like Cisco Systems Inc. , Counted among their clients such as SAP SE and Danone SA.

Simon Digital Product Managers are critical in all types of organizations and can be used to do their work using specialized tools.

“This latest investment will help us pursue our mission of enabling every organization to adopt product management strategies and reap its benefits,” Simon said. “By providing product managers with a unified platform for their work and information and measuring insights, we are giving the entire company a place to collaborate on the goal of creating better software.”’s next steps will be to expand its market-to-market approach and develop more machine learning-supported decision-making tools to assist product management teams.


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