Guo Ping

[Vienna, Austria, November 17, 2021] Guo Ping, chairman of Huawei Mobile, told a gathering of 13 executives that the crisis should be encouraged and strengthened.We Global Peter Drucker Forum.

Huawei Rotating Chairman Guo Ping delivers keynote address at the 13th Global Peter Dracker Forum.

“Positive employees” on the mission “and strategic plans aligned with the company’s goals are key to a successful climate change, says Guo Ping.

He predicted that all companies would go digital in the future, but there were fears that some would not have clear strategic goals in the early stages and that they were “following the package.”

“There is no real alternative to change,” Guo Ping told delegates at the annual Global Peter Dracker Forum in Vienna on Wednesday, but companies had to answer a key question before they could successfully begin digital transformation.

“How can they improve their organizational competitiveness and achieve their strategic goals by going digital?”

Guo Ping says high-quality planning was the key to successful digitalisation. Huawei’s product development began with a fundamental transformation of R&D and sustainable supply chains twenty years ago with IT strategy and planning.

“Looking back, we feel very lucky that the digitalisation goal is in line with the company’s overall strategic goals. As a result, our organizational capacity has improved significantly. These transformation programs have made us a world-class company.”

While changing the mindset of Goo Ping is the “biggest challenge”, it is the key to successful change, creating an immediate “mission sense” and motivation for change.

“Emotions are important. Make it stronger so that staff understand the importance of change. ”

Huawei said the workers understood the importance of change, developed a culture of eagerness for change and protected injured workers.

Gua Ping’s Huawei’s innovative culture begins with tolerance, and researchers are encouraged to adopt different experimental and error approaches.

Reminiscing about the many 5G technologies that Huawei had developed before selecting a technology as an industry standard, he recalled the words of company founder Ren Xingfey, who said: Share it with others so you don’t have to repeat it and try another way. This is a success. ”

Guo Ping emphasizes the importance of transformation management and the “one thing that will never change in Huawei is change.”

“We review our Transformation Plan every year to keep pace with the times, which is in line with our business strategy. I believe sustainable transformation management will enable companies to improve their capabilities in the digital age,” he said. There are no alternatives, ”he said.

The Peter Dracker Forum is held annually in the administrative capital of Vienna, Vienna, Austria. The 13th annual event, held since 2009, brings together modern management professionals from around the world. The theme of this year’s conference was the need for humanity to explore uncertainty in the digital age.