Digital Transformation Is Inevitable – Companies of all sizes are reconsidering their entire business models to become truly digital by seamlessly connecting core customers and enterprises. Digital Disruption has introduced a number of innovative business models that were considered impossible a few years ago. Digital leaders have achieved far more than their traditional counterparts in terms of practical benefits, such as saving time, reducing costs, and customizing.
But how important is digitization if there is no equal focus on humanity? The relationship between brands and their customers promotes loyalty – only brands with strong emotional engagement can boast a higher customer value generation. The human communication technology needed to drive long-term values ​​is exactly what it can offer. When applied mentally, it can make customers feel heard, understood, and remembered. Thus, one can argue that in order to be successful, companies must adopt digital experience from a holistic perspective.
A strong focus on UX is the answer to creating “brand digital experiences” that strengthen the overall brand experience. Instead of capturing many unrelated features in an over-the-counter product, intelligent product engineering focuses on creating customizable, personalized and memorable digital customer moments. Making such small moments requires a deep understanding of buyer choices, which can only come from deep domain knowledge.
It is important to look at digital transformation obligations, especially when it comes to digital product engineering, from a customer partnership proposal. We need to go beyond customer-supplier relationships and partner with them to succeed in their business. At Experion, we measure the success of our engagement with the value we place on our customers. If the client is able to make a good profit on the investment of a company, now that is a proof of mental marriage. We have seen that the products we produce are key drivers of growth for our customers’ businesses because we are constantly thinking about the success of our customers. We believe that this is a sign of a true partnership that will stand the test of time.

Binu Jacob CEO Experion Technologies Creating a person-centered digital change partner

In the US, our VP Manoj Balraj is always quick to point out that the market is moving to multiple sources. Large enterprises also accept companies such as Expert Technologies as the alternative IT companies. They realize that our entire organization revolves around digital technologies and that we have come up with a sophisticated and efficient approach – we are impressed by our record of building complex and high-quality solutions, including those in highly controlled domains.
India’s IT workforce, led by the Digital Transformation Market, is expected to double by 2025-26. High-capacity technologies and processes, primarily focused on digital product engineering, have a tendency to grow because they are limited to companies with DNA. We plan to measure faster than the market average, so when the industry weighs 100% by 2025-26, then we expect to grow by 300%.
The future of medium-sized IT companies in India looks bright, and Experion is a prime example. The efficiency of middle-class companies is reflected in the bureaucracy and maintenance projects of large companies. Despite the outbreak, we continue to attract customers around the world and have grown by 40% a year over the past few years. Just last year, Inc. was one of the fastest growing private companies in the industry. We have increased our revenue by 200% by increasing the level of 5000 1000. In addition, we have hired at least 600 more by the end of the fiscal year, hiring more resources than ever before.
Our success is a testament to Zitgeist – the growing demand for digitalis will inspire the same growth and success of all organizations that understand digital and deliver realistic human value to their customers.

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