Digital Editor SAM MORSHEAD writes to inform you about the changes that will start to take effect in early December and the steps we have taken to improve our digital product over the past 12 months

Dear readers

Cricketer’s access to digital journalism will begin to change in early December, as we begin to charge for our coverage.

We value you, our readers, and with this in mind, I want to make clear the changes you are seeing, the thinking process that has brought us to this stage, and the investment we have made in our journalism career. Last year to make sure we valued money.

First, the context.

Over the past four years, Cricketer has made great strides in the digital space. By 2021, our visitor number is 18 times larger than in 2017, and we have expanded our digital desk to two to six staff members.

This development has allowed us to broaden the horizons of our journalists, to cover more – especially the English game – and to tell us more stories about our favorite sport. Three consecutive years.

During this time I was very proud of the work we did to promote equality between men and women in the various stories published on our digital channels, the forums we voted for and the professional games we played. It used to be.

A long-term project is a great start, with the ultimate goal of being an English cricketer from top to bottom. And now we are ready to take the next step, but that comes with the desire to change our business model.

Over the past 12 months we have invested heavily in our journalism work. A new junior reporter has been added to Elizabeth Botcherby; Improved the performance of our website; And next month we will launch our own app to deliver all of our digital content directly to your phone.

“It is important to look to the future as printing costs increase and readership increases.”

These developments will enable us to move the digital part of our business here and now, with a focus on good, reliable, and reliable journalism rather than clicks.

It is incredibly fun. But as we continue to grow this service, we want readers to come along for the trip.

Please note that the transition to a paid digital model is not designed to lock you in, but to help you grow, develop, save, and prosper over the next decade.

The addition of George and Elizabeth full-time staff means we now have seven journalists, all of whom are committed to providing the best coverage of the game in England and Wales.

This means writing more articles about your team, more insight into the players you are watching, more analysis of their performance, more informative news, and more interesting about your favorite cricket.

And so the transition to that, and what options do you have from December 1st.

There are three ways in which we can read our digital content: Receive Article Payment in a web browser, unlimited access to our new app or limited free access to apps and browsers.

If you want to unlock all of our digital content, the most cost-effective option for free download is our app subscription – which will officially start on December 1st.

At £ 3.99 per month, and absolutely free for the first month, you get unlimited app for all of our digital content, including the best coverage of the English domestic game and the in-depth coverage of the English Men’s Team. Who to visit in Australia with Joe Ruth and Company. Nick Friend of Christopher Martin-Jenkins Young Journalist of the Year brings full coverage of British women, both men’s and women’s regions are well-received, allowing our reporters to provide in-depth coverage. Similar to what you found on the previous regional media.

You can purchase our features, interviews, analysis, analysis and breaking news item-by-paragraph through the web browser.

Readers can buy 30p per article using the Axate wallet.

Application: wb-750x525-2

We believe this provides an opportunity to sample what we offer and to enter and exit for the average visitor.

Not everything is free, and the app includes some free browsing, but since December you will see a relatively large increase in the number of articles behind our payment walls.

As you browse the web, you will notice that gold dye is applied to these articles.

None of these changes will affect our future headlines, which will continue to function in a healthy environment free of our digital arm. Subscriptions are available for እት 49.99 for 12 editions.

It should also be noted that our print and digital content is tailored to each platform, with almost zero interruptions between the two.

Attitudes toward digital journalism are changing, but it is a slow process. I understand why you hesitate to pay for the money you read online: I understand why they think it should be free. But journalism – even journalism about bats and balls – costs money. And it is important to look to the future as printing costs increase and readership increases.

We look forward to taking you along for the trip, and I sincerely promise you all the best, extensive, most insightful, colorful writing for all those who have registered for the Cricketer’s Digital Family in the future. – English Game Glossary – Men and Women, International, County, Regional and Basic – Available.

I hope you take a month’s free unlimited access to the app or sample some of our work on a paid basis.

Thanks for reading and we will see you soon


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