KBC Bank Ireland had to update its website to provide a better digital experience for its customers, and ultimately make it more attractive. Paul Flynn, Head of Digital Channels, KBC Bank Ireland, tells us how the Living Digital Experience platform has grown as a start-up and that the platform has enabled WONDR to improve its partner, web and digital product experience. Customer experience with a conversion rate of 30% shows the past performance.

Delivering a good digital customer experience is not an easy task. Paul Flynn, head of KBC Bank Ireland and digital channels, has been tasked with providing the bank’s customers with the best possible experience through the website.

The site was developed a few years ago and Flynn and the KBC team are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. It was his job to find a solution to ensure that he was providing the best possible online experience for his clients. At the heart of Flynn’s plan was putting customer experience first.

Gather customer championships to support the project

Flynn’s initial goal was to win the same-minded customer championships within the organization. They were all digital natives, who knew fast and easy-to-use online experiences and offered nothing less to their customers. They were creative people and won the hearts and minds of their teams by increasing IT’s focus on the client and making their decisions based on information. People discovered something new and new in their ways, and Flynn knew he wanted them in the group. He brought them together from the market, from the market to legal and data groups – formed an extended customer championship team.

They plan to replace the existing website with a better digital experience for their customers. With the help of digital production experience, WONDR has been able to gather all the information needed for the project by registering stakeholders as consultants and transforming them into partnerships. They created a new design language for the website and selected the free, cloud-enabled digital experience platform as the basis for the new solution.

Efficient delivery based on real customer feedback

The digital champions took feedback from customers on the ship while working on the newly upgraded site. Customer feedback shows that the page has too many words, use languages ​​that are not related to the client, that the calculators are difficult to use, and that it is difficult to get the information back. With this in mind, KBC worked with WONDR to identify eight interests and goals. And provided insights for each key. He then developed a series of steps to improve the mood, relieve symptoms, and get to know the client – but they wanted more and found ways to make the brand a digital experience.

Equipped with strong new technology, detailed planning, persuasive vision and much fun, the team went to work.

Working in a real partnership to deliver to the end customer

Customer champions have taken a new approach to the project – they are working efficiently to get it off the ground. As the project progresses, they will overcome complexity and uncertainty by coming up with better details and relying on the team’s capabilities as needed. A customer-centric software development company brought the website.

By applying the FreeFrey Digital Experience Platform as a foundation, you have been able to find a more up-to-date starting point for website development. It offers faster speed, better accessibility and mobile support out of the box.

While rebuilding the calculators on the site, the team was able to use the developer’s experience to rewrite the calculators, making it easier for the site’s administrators to use the website.

Customer champions have developed new, enterprise-ready ways to work for development. They have brought cloud-based technology that allows them to be safely developed and released over and over again. They then introduced better practices for documentation, accessibility and data quality management within the team. This has resulted in high quality experience and extremely improved usage, as the project continues to evolve and replicate over time. This will ensure that the solution will stop over time.

Customer championships are all behind the scenes to make informed decisions and give their clients what they want, so they can take decisive action when needed. As they ran the Web to the finish line, it launched a second-tier team with short notice for new requirements. The team was very pleased with the new solution.

Improved customer experience website

The new solution has been very well received. Customer feedback highlights that the new experience is easy to use and helps them make decisions. Call center staff saved time by giving customers the right information. The number has also improved. The new solution made the old one a 30% higher conversion rate, so the project paid for itself quickly. The champions have a great victory and a new website to be proud of.

Flynn also won the second victory, which is when even the most massive projects get the right people into the fold and people gather behind the client to drive forward. In their teams, they have been empowered to modernize their experience without inviting engineers. According to their customers, the new solution looks like other Fintech challenging applications, which is what the team felt. They were changing traditional practices using the best technology, and were able to move quickly to work for the client.

“Before we knew how to deliver, we made sure that we did not fall into the trap of rushing through construction. “That’s why we focus on customer research. Based on this, we can customize the build to make sure that what was on the live stream really makes a difference. Overall, it took more than a year to deliver the project.

Flynn outlined the business benefits of the solution: “Improving the on-site user experience and therefore conversion rate was one of our key objectives. Looking at the bank’s statistics, we want to make sure that the website is an extension of our overall digital proposal. However, to do this, we need to understand what customers – current and future – want from the website.

“We are happy with the new website as well as our customers. Conversion rates have increased by 30% and we are better controlled because of the platform we have set up.

“What an amazing project,” says Flynn. “It’s all about the team coming together and we got a good team. Together we were able to learn things along the way and that’s why we succeeded. I am very happy with the result. It’s great to see the new site there, to hear customer feedback on the experience and to see how it works! “

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