Shanghai, November 10, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Cyclon Robotics, world leader RPA provider and idea leader in the Hyper Automated era, Has launched its end-to-end automation solutions at the enterprise level and announced its expanded global partnership strategy. Cyclon Robotics, a product of innovation, hyper-automation experience and a broad global partnership network, aims to accelerate the growth of the digital economy at all levels to accelerate the growth of the digital economy. Asia Pacific.

Cyclon robotics solutions cover the entire digital transformation life cycle, including the discovery, design, management and participation of interests, creating a positive feedback cycle that accelerates improvements. It will also be an integral part of enterprise-level architecture in the digital age by integrating with various technologies such as process mining, analysis, AL / ML, iBPMS, iPAAS and zero-code development.

Cyclone RPA products and solutions work at every level of digital transformation

Earlier this year, the world-leading independent research institute Gartner Hyper Automation He described it as one of the major strategic technology trends in 2022, and said that RPA is the main stimulus for hyper-automation technology enriched by AI. As a leading driver of this trend, Cyclon Robotics recently launched a new AI Skill Platform that supports a wide range of AI capabilities from software to hardware as well as CIRI digital assistant that seamlessly connects human, digital robots and enterprise systems. It is worth noting that RPA Mobile Designer and Mobile App has been launched to make the entire wireless automation process easier.

“As the industry leader guides the future of Hyper Automation, Cyclon Robotics is ahead of its trends and has invested heavily in product development to provide end-to-end hyperautomation solutions. Better integration between IT and businesses and flexible product selection. And as an organization, we will provide RPA solutions for the next digital transformation. Vincent GaoFounder and CEO of Cyclon Robotics.

According to Dr. Gia, Chief Product Officer of Cyclown Robotics, RPA has been upgraded from basic to current RPA + over the years, which requires end-to-end automation capabilities at the departmental level and will continue to grow into an enterprise. Future – stage hyperautomation. The rich experience and practices of cyclon robotics indicate that enterprises have different needs during their digital transformation, from basic applications to complex challenges. For example, Cyclon Robotics Partnership with Sinolink Securities, a Asia-Pacific Since 2019, the digital transformation journey has passed the three RPA levels. Initially, Cyclon Robotics helped launch some RPA pilots with more information, lower application costs, and more. Standard needs. After the success of the Cylon Robotics RPA products and applications, Sinolink began to deploy the RPA across the company. A.D. By 2021, more than 200 RPA jobs have been successfully deployed in more than 30 departments, with 100% execution accuracy with zero errors, 24/7 automated operations and more than 6,000 minutes of manpower per day. In the future, Cyclon Robotics will be working with Synolink on the Hyper Automated Intermediate Office with the latest innovations in Cyclon Robotics such as the AI ​​Skill Platform and CIRI. Sinolink can now look forward to a more in-depth integrated RPA that will add value to its management, business and collaborations, allowing it to explore additional applications for automation.

Gartner also predicted that the CVD-19 epidemic would accelerate digital skills in at least five years, which is now confirmed by accelerated digitalization. Southeast Asia. Automation technologies such as RPA and AI are expected to help address the growing skills shortage in the region. example, SingaporeInfluenced by both the CVD-19 restrictions and the government’s employment policy for foreign workers, there is now a growing demand for technology in a variety of sectors, particularly new technologies. In addition, other industries such as construction, logistics and manufacturing Singapore After the post-epidemic recovery, they are looking at automated needs to help reduce disruption to all business sectors.

Including ASEAN countries Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia All have announced their national strategy for digital transformation. Among them, Singapore According to a 2021 Deloit report, automation is considered “highly prepared.” In October 2021, Singapore A.D. The Smart City Initiative, established in 2019, has also announced new chapters China (Shenzhen) And described “robotics development” as one of the three key areas of focus.

“We are very pleased to see the increasing role of the RPA in accelerating digitalization in this region,” said Dr. Jia. “Cyclon Robotics’s newly launched product portfolio is tailored to all needs in digital transformation. Get ready for the season.

Cyclon Robotics announces accelerated global partnership ecosystem to drive business growth, expanded business chain and expanding partner values. So far, it has the largest collection of global partners in the ecosystem, and has tripled its channel partners. A few months after it opened Singapore Earlier this year, Branch Cyclon Robotics successfully signed several domestic partnerships in various countries and regions. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, And Taiwan. “Once we open our office here, we are encouraged to see more partnerships created in the SEA. Said Dr. Jia. “We look forward to welcoming more partners from all regions to our global ecosystem so that we can provide more local, professional and custom offerings for all types of enterprises, from consultants to solutions during their digital transformation journey.

About Cyclon Robotics

Cyclon Robotics has completed the Bean series by 2020, which has increased almost entirely. $ 40 million. The group By 2019, from 20 employees to 400 members, it has grown to serve more than 500 international clients in 13 branches and branches worldwide. Asia Pacific, Europe, And Middle East. In early 2021, he established Cyclon Robotics Singapore Branch, cover Southeast Asia, Japan, Of Middle East, Australia And new Zealand To encourage companies in all industries to realize digital transformation with a full RPA products and services portfolio. To date, Cyclon Robotics is the only provider of RPA. China Included in both Gartner and Forester Power Reports. The company is committed to protecting and enhancing its position as a leading RPA provider and think tank in the era of high automation.

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