Front L for R: Meghan Henricks, Chris Ernst, Emily Cook, Cameron Law. Back to Tom Lock, Emma Davis, Aidan Ryan, Owen Martin, Chris Harper, Micah Howard

Dentsu announced that QLD has moved to new offices, bringing together promotional and appointment trips, as well as karate, iprospector, highstick dentsu, Merkel and BWM Isobar.

“It’s a wonderful time for our agency in QLD,” said Chris Ernest, Managing Director.

“We have worked hard over the past year to consolidate and streamline our marketing process and the ideas of our employees. We now have unparalleled capabilities in the entire customer value chain under one roof.

“Together we are easier, smarter and faster than ever, and our new office gives us the perfect environment to bring that life to life.”

Ernest recently announced promotions and appointments following the emergence of Emily Cook and Chris Harper as head of Karat and Iprospec Customer Partnerships.

“We focus on our growth not only for our customers but also for our people,” says Ernest.

“These internal promotions and appointments at the senior level are supported by others throughout the business, all focused on our amazing potential and the value they bring to our business and our partners.”

Leadership team-

Emily Cook As head of customer management Carat Qld, managing media capacity in the market.

Chris Harper As Head of Customer Management iProspect Qld, leading the digital performance capabilities in the market.

Aydan Ryan Leading Queensland Media Investment, Karat Keld, has been promoted to Group Investment, along with Craig Cooper, head of Karat National Investment.

Meghan Henricks He has been promoted to business director Haystak Dentu and heads the PR Advertising Social Relations Agency in Brisbane.

New staff appointments and promotions

Cameron’s Law He has been promoted to Group Strategy Director, Karat Kill, leading the Queensland Market in Media Strategy.

Owen Martin Karat Qld has grown into a team digital director, leading the QLD market and digital production for Karat on digital transformation.

Tom Locke He has worked closely with brands including dairy Australia, Sanofi, Sigma and Jaguar Land Rover to become the chief accountant of Heistak Dentu.

Emma Davis He has joined the media market as a senior customer director, leading a significant portfolio of key Karat clients. The great South Bank, Macormix, Aveo and Coffee Club.

Micah Howard Leading customers, including MyPayNow and Unilodge, has joined the Client Partner for iProspect from Metash in Sydney.

Shali S. In recent years, he has worked in Deloitte and Telstra and has joined the business as a senior project manager. Shaley’s appointment enhances the groundbreaking Salesforce Enablement capabilities in Qld.

All new roles will be effective immediately.

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