CHICAGO, September 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – BrandMuscle has announced that digital product features are now available on the Spotmenus platform. Digital product features Supplier brands are a solution that allows restaurant guests to influence the shopping behavior they are browsing the digital menu on their mobile device. Similar to other sales pitches, such as tabletop tents, digital product features can be used by visitors to try new products, highlight food and beverage diversity, drive web traffic, and create local brand awareness.

As restaurants accept the transition to digital and QR code menus, suppliers need new ways to engage customers in the shopping area. At SpotMenus Digital Product Features providers you can reuse innovations such as desk tents, posters and menu inserts or use BrandMuscle templates to create new ads. Most importantly, distributing agents can distribute digital product features using the same common process they use in real-time. As guests browse the institution’s digital menu, vendors’ ads will appear and they will enjoy the compelling menu options that customers have not considered in any other way. Or, advertisements can be used to promote gifts, events and special offers. The solution provides a print-sale ad for a general presentation to meet consumers on multiple touch points.

It is one of the leading brands of alcohol and one of the top five alcohol distributors in the United States. “Moët Hennessy USA is pleased to be partnering with BrandMuscle and using SpotMenus for our pre-channel channel,” said Moyet Hennessy Business Marketing. “As we continue to provide unique experiences for our customers during these constantly evolving seasons, SpotMenus offers a quarterly branded cocktail menu on a quarterly basis to help people choose the right pair for any occasion. SpotMenus is user-friendly for both guests and participating bars and restaurants. QR code for unrelated purchases We bring this digital activation to life and look forward to this continued partnership.

Another key benefit of digital product features is the way in which providers can provide strong analytics about the reach and effectiveness of their ads. Unlike traditional print products, digital product features encourage suppliers to view detailed market, brand, label, and location information. This capability allows suppliers to easily analyze where to invest and understand messaging in terms of understanding the impact of marketing materials. Digitalizing traditional retail products and changing the content of non-repetitive advertising and making it more flexible to run special events and time-consuming campaigns by rotating various offers.

“Our goal is to make the digital menu experience accessible to all stakeholders,” said Ravi Patel, senior director of product management marketing at BrandMuscle. “SpotMenus Digital Product Features is an opportunity for suppliers to increase the volume of their brands, distributors, and restaurants to engage their guests with helpful content.

SpotMenus has made digital changes to thousands of restaurants and bars over the past year, and the introduction of digital product features will allow more than one million users to scan SpotMenus QR code every week. To get started, sign up or sign up for free

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