Setting new paradigms in design education

The Indian education system is often theoretical, with a strong focus on academic pursuits. However, employers are increasingly looking for graduates who combine theoretical and practical knowledge, knowing the techniques and technologies. With the rapid globalization and modernization of the Indian economy, many new types of jobs and careers have become the norm. Twenty years ago, there were not many digital product designers or game designers. Such practices are common today. Students and parents should appreciate the market trends and opportunities as they consider future job opportunities.

Bringing global trends in design education at the doorstep of Indian students The JS Design Institute recently partnered with Ecol Intuit Laboratories, one of the top five design institutes in France, to bring students to the Dale NCR to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge. And talent is needed in the modern Indian economy. Dachshita Kendall, Managing Partner, Echo Intuit Lab New Delhi, and co-founder, JS Design Institute, talk about new avenues for students looking to work on design. Quotes

What is the future of Indian design education and the growth of the digital design market in the country?

According to a report by the Indian Design Council (‘Future Design Education in India’), the design market potential in India is expected to exceed Rs 18,000 crore by 2025. However, only a fifth of this capacity is currently available. It is being tapped. The capacity of the graphic, communication and packaging design industry is estimated at more than 5,500 railcars. So there are a lot of limitations for designers in areas like visual communication and packaging design.

India has over 250+ gaming development companies that employ more than 15,000 game developers. He predicts that the number of vacancies in gaming arts, design and development will increase rapidly as the demand for games among young people grows.

Digital product design is another area where the demand for designers is growing rapidly due to the explosion of web and mobile applications. As new digital technologies and services enter the market, we expect a significant increase in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers and customer experience (CX) designers in the coming years. The digital economy is designed to inspire a great deal of creativity and design and to take India to the forefront.

India is a key market for many international companies, so it offers many opportunities for graduates in the design sector. India needs to focus on the development of public and private design education in order to ensure that graduates are able to compete comfortably in the international arena, providing adequate choices for eligible young people. In my view, as long as students have the right education, skills and experience, there are many opportunities for designers.

What is the basic set of skills that an interested design student can develop?

In addition to being interested in design, it is important for the student to choose the right design institution. There are many institutions that offer undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in design – and students have a wide selection. But I recommend that a student choose a modern curriculum, good teaching, teachers with good academic credentials, and an institution with good industry partnerships.

To be successful in professional life, students must have curiosity, a strong focus on creative expression, and a desire to dominate expression media. In addition to learning basic crafts, a student should also be able to draw on the various software and design ideas used in the illustration. Design is a growing domain every day. Therefore, one should always be curious and willing to learn more every day.

What are the courses offered?

Ecoll Intuit Lab offers four undergraduate programs and one postgraduate program in New Delhi.

  • UG Visual Communication (Batch 4 and 30 students) ፡ The program trains students to give life and meaning to words and images by persuading, educating, entertaining or informing them.
  • UG Digital Product Design (4 years and 30 students) ፡ Expand traditional graphic design to include UX Design (User Experience) and UI Design (User Interface). Students are trained to be practical designers and creative problem solvers to manage the entire digital product life cycle.
  • UG Game Art & Design (4 years & 30 students a batch) ይህ This program equips students with the technical and technical skills needed to design and develop games and develop other interactive solutions.
  • UG in Fine Art (4 years & 30 students a batch): Students are trained to become contemporary artists who can express their creative and visual expressions to share ideas and messages with the world.
  • PG in Advertising Design & Visual Communication (18 months) ፡ This program provides an in-depth understanding of advertising, branding, design, digital and communication strategies. Students have developed into global marketing and communication as designers, strategists, art directors and, most importantly, powerful communicators.

When does the login open?

Applications for the academic session, which begins in July 2022, are now open and a creative thinking test will be held in December 2021.

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