The trend of digital gifts can accelerate these festivities due to a shortage of certain technology items related to the supply chain, delays in transportation and shortage of products.

Why it is important: Digital purchases for game downloads or app store credits are quick and easy, so those who try it will never go back to physical gifts.

Driving news; International Chip shortage At the same time, production chains are being created and stretched as a result of the epidemic, limiting production.

The combination of problems That is to say. Limited supply of certain products.

  • For example, Apple says it has. Incomplete demand for $ 6 billion last quarter And he expects that number to increase this quarter.
  • Game consoles, especially the latest Xbox and PlayStation models, but also other devices such as the Nintendo Switch and Oculus Quest, have been very difficult for many months.
  • Console makers have rooms that offer rooms. Warned The shortage could last until 2023, and Nintendo’s president said on Thursday that he would not be able to meet the holiday demand.

Online shopping Of course, it has been popular for a long time. But even online retailers may struggle to find the physical items they need during this holiday season.

  • Digital goods, on the other hand, are endless in supply, checking many stores, waiting for packages and other problems. And there are more options than ever, from games to video service subscriptions to Roblox, Fortnite or App Store credits.

Be smartDownload games and online subscriptions before the epidemic are already growing in popularity, so it can be difficult to say how much progress has been made as a result of the epidemic.

Yes, but: There is hope for those who choose to donate technology that can be released and seized. Senior retailer analyst Stephen Baker says most products should be available as long as buyers are flexible.

  • “It’s very difficult to find consoles or GPUs or phones, but almost everything,” Baker said. “There are a lot of laptops, a lot of TVs, (and) good size tablets, game rooms, displays and sound bars.”
  • On the other hand, the cost can be high, and it is difficult to negotiate.
  • Overall, the NPD predicts spending on consumer technology (excluding phones and gaming consoles) will be about 2 percent from last year’s record-breaking holiday season and about 18 percent from 2019.

What are you saying?Fast, unscientific Choice of my Twitter followers About three-quarters of the respondents were happy with the idea of ​​receiving digital gifts, and a quarter of them thought such gifts were a sign of laziness.

  • The fact that so many people are telling me that the lack of information is looming does not make them think digital, but that the lack of it makes them buy gifts more quickly or think about locally produced products.
  • “The shortage of supplies has made me more planning this holiday season. [in] In advance and [be] Microsoft’s senior program manager, Brandon Leblank, told me that he was more concerned about the gifts I was buying. The HBO Max subscriber may have a friend, but the rest of his family and friends may not be big on digital. Gifts “Especially my mother.”

What’s next?The new digital device border includes collectors such as NFTs – and your avatar must be embedded in the upcoming metaver.

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