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Over the past decade, digital transformation has been one of the most important initiatives for organizational success, often selecting industry winners and losers. Today, the chances are never higher that 80% of customer interaction occurs on digital channels1 And 66% of users say that if their experience is not perfect, they will completely eliminate the brand2.

When implemented properly, digital has the potential to transform industries through customer engagement and engagement, efficiency and balance, and staffing. The recent epidemic has confirmed the need for digital tools and capabilities to explore global instability.

Consumer expectations and digital consumption are redefining organizational priorities and expectations. As a result, IT leaders are now developing hybrids focused on implementing their own accelerated digital agendas, redesigning their applications, transforming infrastructure and securing their enterprises.

Turning challenges into opportunities

As organizations push digital to the forefront of their agendas and provide more technological experiences as a service, we see it as an opportunity for our Cisco customers to make digital transformation more efficient, secure and more automated.

One of the great opportunities for digital transformation is the information network domain. Older networks are not only unreliable and expensive, but they also reduce productivity and put organizations at risk. The sheer size of global networks, the global distribution of software and hardware, and the complexity of securing these networks contribute to the complexity of network transformation.

Another opportunity is how organizations buy and use technology. Traditional procurement approaches require hundreds of point-by-product approval scans for months. Most software licenses include limited terms. This leads to endless real receipts and renewal days, which add to the complexity and wasted time negotiating discounts and managing rights.

Facilitating Transformation

Cisco’s multi-year software innovation journey, combined with our new enterprise agreement, provides the simplicity, flexibility, and flexibility needed to deliver digital transformation in the cloud-first world.

Our software innovations encourage hybrid work. For example, our secure collaboration technology allows us to connect users, devices, applications, and data, providing the best in-class video conferencing experience in the classroom. It also provides the scope, scale and capacity needed to protect those users and enable our customers to continue the ever-increasing risk.

Cisco network solutions take a software approach to automation and analytics. To provide our customers with unparalleled visibility, control, control and protection over networks and applications, simultaneously across multiple environments and cloud platforms.

However, good technology is not enough. In an environment that requires digital efficiency, innovation is not always appropriate if it is not easy to access and use. Cisco’s goal is to make it easier for customers to buy, manage and consume software licenses.

For the first time, the new Cisco Enterprise Agreement is providing our customers with a comprehensive portfolio that can be quickly assessed under one contract. Their customers can maximize their investment and secure the future by connecting value-added products to each other. As a solution for SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution, you can build an efficient and secure network while increasing cost and complexity. Or a full-stack observation solution, so you can understand the interactions and insights that can be applied to the whole digital experience technology stack.

Optimizing operation is the core of our ability to ensure balanced financial forecasting. By placing all of our customers’ licenses in one contract, with one renewal date, we can save millions of customers.

Cisco’s True Forward simplifies the use of these solutions. Our customers do not face any real penalties with other software vendors in the industry. Instead, on an annual or quarterly basis you can overeat and pay extra. In addition, Sisco’s new value shift capabilities allow customers who use one technology to use their investment for another.

Accelerate efficiency

Digital transformation has never been more relevant, more important, or systematically necessary for business. As a leader, the opportunity to drive value within an organization is unprecedented.3.

Cisco is here to help leaders and organizations take advantage of this opportunity and increase the value of their technology. Visit Cisco.com Learn more about our software innovations and How can we help you Accelerate your digital agenda in the cloud-first world.


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