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Digital Experience Management Company To be born It closely connects employee experience and customer experience.

In Advertisement Last week, Cambridge, a wholesale-based company, said its new Aternity User Journey Intelligence solution provides “contextual visibility and practical insights” for user trips to web sites to improve user satisfaction, increase revenue and improve customer and employee engagement. Digital practices.

According to Aternity, User Travel Intelligence provides the company’s customer and employee digital experience and relates user travel analysis to transaction performance in all areas. This allows companies to increase website performance and reduce disaster times. Capabilities include:

  • Analysis: Monitor the user’s digital experience and relate it to revenue, conversion rate and opt-out rate.
  • Performance tests Improve website performance with real user RUM.
  • Troubleshooting Artificial inspection to identify problems before customers do.
  • Reduced emergency resolution time Observations included for AI-enabled root cause analysis.

Athenaeum has also increased. Open the telemetry The support on the company’s platform enables their customers to provide a seamless digital experience for each application in multi-cloud or multi-application environments. Companies can capture and store every transaction related to the user’s business and link it to a micro-service architecture.

“Aternity User Intelligence Aternity gives customers the unique ability to manage the digital experience of both their employees and customers in a single platform without negotiation,” PJ Maloy, Aternity’s chief technology officer, said in a press release. “It is changing the way enterprises integrate digital experience into digital experience management, including artificial intelligence, real-time customer monitoring and open telemetry.”

Founded in 2004, Aternity is a division based in San Francisco Riverbed Technology, IncAn information technology company that provides software and hardware for network performance monitoring and application performance management.