Today, digital ecology is ubiquitous and has a profound impact on our lives, including the way we view the world. Every digital device we use – chatbox, website or interactive device – is carefully designed to ensure that it is added.

This is where digital product designers come in. Their role is to create a pleasant experience of clarity, beauty and efficiency. As digitalisation progresses, each field and brand may see an ever-increasing interest in improving the user experience.

Three-click rule

What do we want from our digital presence? The most common answer is to increase participation. This is only possible when users make the experience simple, clear and meet their needs. This leads us to a three-click rule, which means that if users can’t get what they want with three clicks, they will switch to a competing site. This law has been debated and is not always enforced, but the basic premise is to keep browsing to a minimum.

It is not always easy to make the interface look balanced, clean and beautifully calming. The goal is to provide options without the user and make information easily and quickly accessible. Each digital presence is unique and there are no rules that apply to each example. This is a good balance that a digital product designer should bring.

Indirect nature

Digital product designers are often confused with UX or UI designers but their role is broader and more dynamic in nature. Unlike UX or UI designers who consider only a small part of the product, the digital product designer controls the product from concept to supply. Outside of design, its role combines sociology, psychology, marketing, copywriting, analysis, code, and audio design. Understanding human psychology is important because designers must be able to understand user habits and patterns and predict human behavior in order to create flawless experiences. At the same time, there are important technical aspects such as code, design, marketing and analysis. Like other designs, a digital product designer must introduce a business approach to ensure that the product is for sale.

Future options

With low-cost templates and AI now being used to create digital products such as websites, applications, e-books and podcasts, human innovation becomes a premium. Unlike other tasks, creativity cannot be replicated by machines. Therefore, while there is a certain amount of work that machinists such as analytics and SEO can do, digital product design is a digital product designer who can anticipate and bring different aspects.

A good product designer is therefore in high demand in various industries. Some studies show that between 2010 and 2020, job opportunities for people with design skills increased dramatically by 13 percent.

Another new industry that is in high demand is game design and art. With more than 365 million active players, India has the highest number of mobile game downloads in the first nine months of 2020. A digital product designer can visualize and bring together different parts of the game.

This ecological framework is the foundation of a world where digital is becoming our number one tool for social, professional, business and political interaction. Digital product designers are engineers of this living ecosystem.

The author is Echo Intuit Lab.