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Before the onset of the cholera epidemic, some small and medium-sized businesses may be able to perform their day-to-day operations using cloud-based technology. But with the advent of Covid-19, the survival of the business has become more important than ever for companies to improve their telecommunications systems and use cloud solutions.

The problem is that many of these small businesses, like national telecommunications companies, are lagging behind AT&T (NYSE: T) And Verizon (NYSE: Visa) Typically serving the largest company on the market. And if there is no clear way to keep up with the times, the growth of many companies may stop or slow down over time. After all, technology is always moving forward, and these businesses need to adapt.

Fortunately, Digerati Technologies (OTCQB: DTGI) To create cloud-based solutions for small businesses that are unwilling or unable to improve with national suppliers.

What are Digerati Technologies?

Digitized Technologies North America’s fastest-growing technology and telecom company delivers a variety of cloud connectivity and networking solutions to its customers. The focus of the business is to find small and medium-sized telecommunications companies and allow them to continue to communicate privately in their respective markets using digitally integrated cloud-based solutions.

These businesses are closely owned and / or family-owned and may hinder their growth but may increase their capacity with the right tools and integrations. At the same time, Digitized is willing to take on end-to-end telecom operations to lift the burden of these small and medium-sized companies. This allows them to focus on developing relationships with their customers in the past.

The process of digitizing technologies is threefold.

  • Plan to move businesses to the cloud

  • Integrate with third-party systems

  • Introduce light growth to achieve such integration

This plan helped many businesses to thrive during the epidemic because they had to adapt quickly.

Experience is key.

Digirati brings years of experience to the table Experienced professionals And a proven success story. The business currently serves 28,000 business users and 340 channel partners. Its platform covers a wide range of businesses, including healthcare, banking, legal, real estate and construction.

The company has significant growth and purchasing power in those states, with major operations in Texas and Florida, the second and fourth largest states in terms of gross domestic product. Digerati is primarily looking for companies with good customer relationships, revenue collection, viable cash flow, high growth market and low customer demand before deciding.

The future of Digerati

With a clear growth plan, proven purchasing strategy and experienced team, Digirati expects to increase the value of the shareholder and hopes to move forward in the future. That allows the business to enter other markets in a cost-effective way to accelerate growth. The telecom company believes that the current exchange rate is low, so investors may want to keep an eye on the digital and should consider it a great opportunity for investment choice.

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