Dikemex Network Bringing More Excitement to Gamers with New NFTs Play-to-Earn Games

The Dikemex (DIK) Network has announced the launch of an eco-friendly gaming ecosystem for blockchain-based non-blockchain tokens (NFTs). Through DECX Platform, anyone can create, share and play games for prizes in DIK tokens and very rare digital collections.

Dikemex network now live

Developed by a group of information technology veterans, the Dikemex Network is a blockchain-based live streaming platform that allows users to focus on creating live video applications and more.

DKmex users can watch videos and receive DIK tokens as they transfer these video content to users on the platform.

For the Dimemex team, the Dikemex Network is a very useful tool for video presentation platforms, because integration into the video presentation stack can reduce costs, increase engagement, and increase revenue.

Like Dikemex White Paper, Dikemex Network supports Turing-complete smart contracts, making it an ideal platform for decentralized applications with multiple usage issues.

“Dikemex utilizes new utility models, transparent royalties, unreliable populations and other smart contracts on the network to fully digitally own item ownership. This will provide additional economic and social interaction that meets the core functions of video and data delivery, which will significantly increase platform engagement and user retention, ”reads the Deximx white paper section.

Dikemex Play-To-Earn Gaming and NFTs

A.D. Since the growth of the crypto markets in 2017, the popularity of non-performing tokens (NFTs) has grown, and the digital collectors industry is now worth billions of dollars.

The Dikemex Network is designed to support a wide range of digital product bids, listings, in-game collections, encrypted collections, celebrity digital signatures, and more. Dikemex Network also has a safe and efficient marketplace for these extremely rare digital assets.

Dimemex said it will make the most of its own online media platform to promote the new NFT ecosystem and provide digital aggregation marketing services to members, thereby increasing ecological growth.

The Dimemex ecosystem is powered by DIK Token. DIK is the administrative mark of the Dikemex protocol. Interestingly, unlike many other blockchain projects, the group has made it clear that DIK has a steady supply of only $ 11 billion and will never increase it.

The team said the DIK token will be used for chains such as payments, NFT exchange, live streaming, video sharing, modern contract payments and more. Dikemex service providers receive DIK from other users’ support activities on the network.

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