Although it has often been described as the most magical place on earth, the Disney world can be described as one of the most creative places on earth. In addition to the revolution of use theme park operations Behavioral information and advanced analysisThey are pioneers of advanced experience and media technology such as VR, 4D viewing systems, OTT services and IOT.

However, Disney Enterprise covers more than just its parks, including services from streaming services (disney +, all), film studies (Marvel, Lucasfield), commercial real estate holdings, shipping lanes, and more than a hundred properties. too much.

Although most of the business lines are not particularly affected by the epidemic (entertainment, travel, retail, etc.), Disney still generates $ 65.39 billion by 2020, 6% less than in 2019.

Although much of Disney’s success is due to his ability to tell stories on screen and in person, his ingenious use of technology cannot be ignored. Disney uses digital technology as a tool for engagement and customer interaction, rather than traditional marketing techniques. Also, for organizations that think automation starts and ends at the back office, think again.

As a former Disney CEO, Bob EgerHe explained a few years ago, “Our strategic priorities include using new technologies and platforms to reach more people and increase our relationships with our customers. Disney’s story proves that it can bring a lot of digital technology and automation to the table.

Disney’s highest profile digital product is Disney + streaming service. A.D. Since its inception in late 2019, Disney + streaming services have been stored. 118 subscribers And expects to grow By 2024, 260 million subscribers.

With the success of the global epidemic and distribution platform, Disney is looking to expand its digital footprint. To begin with, it plans to close 20 percent of the 300 retail stores around the world and turn its attention to e-commerce. As the company explained recently Press releaseThe ultimate goal is to “build a more seamless, personalized and franchise-based ecommerce experience through the Disney Platform platform, which will be better integrated with Disney Parks apps and social media platforms.”

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A.D. In March 2021, Disney announced plans to build a new integrated digital address platform and automate more than half of its sales process. Disney explains on its corporate website, “Disney Platform’s integrated data, technology and innovation platform allows advertisers to purchase and deliver on-demand, delivering automated and fully responsive marketing needs in the future.

In other words, it allows advertisers to buy and manage advertising purchases for the entire Disney portfolio (offline, CTV and digital video). This, in turn, allows Disney and its advertisers to use data from an entire Disney customer base, delivering superior customer insights and analytics. Or, in marketing, accelerate the transition from ad to automatic address.

In fact, by the end of the year, Disney said it expects automatic revenue to increase by more than 80 percent this year alone.

Regarding automatic programming, Disney also announced the launch of DRAX, Program Exchange

  • Enable bids that can be sold directly to the program instead of continuing as a traditional waterfall.
  • DSPs provide an up-to-date inventory that provides not only historical insights but also the potential to see all potential stocks.
  • Reduce delays, give partners more time to submit their bids and respond accordingly