new York, November 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – MixtureLeading identity decision forum for banks and Fintech companies announced today Daylight, the first LGBTQ + digital banking platform in AmericaIt uses Alloy to automate the identity verification process during customer boarding and to track transactions throughout the customer life cycle.

Alloy’s API-based platform brings more digital identity components to a centralized platform, enabling more than 120 sources of information to enable customers such as daytime decision-making. After a customer opens a daylight account, Alloy’s Transaction Monitoring continuously reviews their financial activities and displays risky behaviors.

“Aloe’s approach to identity verification and follow-up was exciting because it allows us to see a customer with one or more specific things as a license or phone number,” said Daylight co-founder and COO. Billy Simons. “Daylight currently has more than 100,000 customers waiting, so being able to work quickly and efficiently during boarding allows us to provide the services that our industry lacks.”

Increasing access to basic and equitable financial services is a shared mission by Alloy and Daylight. There is a deep division for the LGBT + community to bridge with the daily approach. More than 30 million Americans are identified as LGBTQ + and have not served in a traditional financial service. Be discriminatory credit practices, complex Defamation Or it may be that the algorithm is biased, that there is a lack of technology to serve the specific challenges facing this community.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Daily mission to better serve the LGBTQ + community,” he said. Laura Speckerman, CRO and co-founder of Aloe. “Access to financial services should be a privilege, not a luxury. We can create a seamless experience by minimizing the company’s overall risk of fraud by leveraging 120+ data source products and using a more comprehensive board process.”

Aloe Banking is helping to create a future that is accessible to all. Its platform will enable non-traditional financial institutions, such as microfinance institutions, local banks and fintech companies, to expand their digital product offerings to better serve their communities. Aloe Technology helps financial institutions eliminate some of the bias in decision-making by making it easier for applicants who do not have a traditional identity, such as a driver’s license, to access alternative sources of information.

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About the mixture
Blend is an identity control center that covers your submissions and fraudulent interests. Our Dynamic Platform connects you to more than 120 sources of information to help you verify identities and track transactions – giving you an overview of each customer from the day you board and during your time with your company. From automated decisions and a few manual reviews to boarding, Aloe Smart Banks and Fintech Tech companies take a closer look at the overall picture. Learn more at and Twitter @UseAlloy.

About daylight
Founded in 2020, Daylight is the first and only digital banking platform in the US specifically designed for the LGBT + community. Day card, app, and digital services help members manage their financial system, develop smart habits, and connect with the community and build their lives without compromise. Daylight is supported by Visa and Markets by financial and payment industry icons. The company was founded by Rob Curtis, Billy Simons And Paul Barnes-Hogett. To learn more, visit

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