The use of stars is an essential building block for high-end customer experiences.

Utility encompasses everything. In the “simple” product of history – for example, kitchen mixing or a complex product such as a car – it is imperative for companies to create technologies that human beings can. Easily Make the most of it. This idea is in the heart of today. World Use DayEnsuring international access to professional, industrial, educational, civic and governmental organizations for a common purpose makes it easy to access and use essential services and products.

Utility creates the basis for CX experience. If your UX experience is poor, there is no way to have a great customer experience. This will have a negative impact on the success of your product. World Consumer Day aims more than organizational goals to sell more products and create the ultimate CX, however, it is incumbent on organizations to stop the misinterpretation of “human error” and to create technologies that are difficult to use. After all, if we can create amazing technologies that have such an impact, we should be able to make them easy to use.

There are three key areas that should be involved in usage efforts.


Organizations should make products that are accessible and enjoyable to everyone, but 15% of the world’s population with disabilities do not always have access to all digital experiences and technologies. Apparently, with this in mind, an organization that is preventing anyone from accessing their products or services is on the verge of exploitation.

on the World utility website, The organization needs to put people at the design center, starting with their needs and desires, so that we can create technology that benefits all of us. Accessibility must be integrated into all technological efforts. When people with disabilities are part of product and service design, they provide real-time feedback on how products work, and their use goes from abstract to real.

Prioritize accessibility and Accessibility test In general, it goes beyond doing the right thing for people. PwDs represent a large global market. The annual net worth of this population is about $ 1.2 trillion. Review your products to make sure you do not miss them and that they are all potential customers. And, again, when everyone has access to your products and uses them easily, the potential for growth and the frequency of advanced technology will increase dramatically.

The use of omnipotence

World Benefit Day Organization highlights Six key areas for usability to growEducation, health, government, relationships, privacy and security and entertainment.

I will take one of the six key areas – the government and draw on the similarities between the omnipotent thinking and the business.

International Benefit Day says governments want to use new technologies to better serve their citizens and increase their participation in civic experience. People in many countries can pay taxes and take care of online business; This capability should be available to everyone, eliminating the digital divide that separates the rich from the poor or excludes social groups. Voting systems must ensure trust and confidence in the election. Technology that supports civic engagement should provide equal opportunities and opportunities for all, and should be easy to use and understand for all citizens, including people with disabilities. I could not agree further and the same is true of digital products and services in the for-profit sector.

Can you provide low-to-conflict omnichannel experiences to your customers wherever you are? If someone wants to filter your product on your site, use your voice assistant to ask a specific question and buy the product and take it to the store, will you make the process easier? Although simple, could it be better? Are there obvious ways for customers to comment – good or bad? Have you tried your channels on different networks under different stresses such as a big sports event? What about multiple mobile devices, desktops, tablets and various operating systems?

It is not enough to rely solely on one or two channels and new devices. One-size-fits-all strategy loses its target usage to the universal. You have localized your product. Understanding the correct language patterns and local customs that may affect the UX? About security, data privacy and payment? There are many overlaps with profits and the six key areas above.

This is where the general customer travel strategy and roadmap are of great benefit.

Crowding is the key to success in the real world.

What better way to get direct feedback on usage than by experimenting with different users around the world? This is what crowds mean.. Crowdtesting, also known as community-based testing or wild-in-the-test, uses community-based testing groups. You can instantly launch, test in any language, any device and operating system. They recognize the intricacies of their own culture.

Some efforts to make the technology easier to use may indicate something in one culture, but they greatly miss the mark in another culture, for example, certain colors or spelling may take on different meanings. Icons on the interface can convey different concepts depending on the culture. Overcrowding ensures that your usage is at a high level.

The key theme of World Benefit Day is to make life easier. Citing their website: “Well-designed user experiences allow people of different strengths and beliefs to live in a unique environment and mutual support. Equipment and technologies that embrace the potential of all people will result in better results in all of our efforts to make people better, to develop and care for people.

Industry, education, health care, government and other sectors need to take a step back and ask basic questions to make technology easier, more fun, safer, more accessible, and more.

  • Are we completely inclusive?

  • Is every path to our product simple and easy to create a user-friendly experience?

  • Are our products as recognizable and easy to use as possible? How can we prove this?

  • Have we tried every situation we can think of with real users in all of our markets?

Working with “people” that includes all nationalities, languages, abilities, genders, ages and more is the key to answering these questions.

Take the concept of World Use Day with you to work every day. Learn more about applause User experience testing It may help.