Electric two-wheeled mobile platform eBikeGo has acquired Kustard Technologies, Digital Production and Innovation Studio for $ 2 million ($ 14.8 million) to expand its supply to the EV industry.

The company says the acquisition will help boost Fleet’s delivery system with the help of advanced technology technologies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket and others. Helps remote inspections of EVs for preventive maintenance, such as vehicle health, motor, battery and control.

eBikeGo Costard Technologies says it has made remarkable growth over the past three years, with a 60% profit margin before the acquisition.

EBikeGo is also expanding its Kustard Technologies team with 20 developers from the ETV Tech industry to contribute to production, design, innovation and UI and UX. With the new purchase, EBG Matics is working to develop an IoT system that strengthens its mobility equipment, which will bring smart ships. The device follows the formula 0.5 – 5 – 50, 0.5 indicates that in the first half hour when any vehicle is damaged or damaged, 5 vehicles and their assets must remain for at least 5 years. And 50 indicates that the repair is only half the cost.

Dr. Irfan Khan, Founder and CEO, eBikeGo, “We are thrilled to have Kustard Technologies, one of the leading technology companies in the development of EVT, helping to advance the technology. About 25 million two-wheelers are sold in India every year. Previously, less than 0.15 million electric bicycles were sold, which is only 0.6 percent of total two-wheeled sales. One of the main reasons for this is that most electric two-wheeled vehicles are currently not connected to the Internet of Things, which can lead to a complete and unreliable digital experience. EBikeGo’s vision is to transform electric vehicles into modern connected vehicles.

“At Kustard, we always know that we have a proven kickass team that has always been proven to deliver great products, but the strong purpose is lost and eBikeGo has given us the vision. To make a difference in people’s lives and make the world The opportunity to change for the better We design every code line, every pixel we send, every feature we send directly to the environment and, consequently, to human beings. And examines drivers and vehicle behavior using machine learning.

Costard Technologies co-founders Mandar Sawant and Udayikumar Naidu say, “Together with eBikeGo, we have a long way to go to create a technology that has a significant impact on the environment. Together, we aim to build products to create a carbon-negative world with the help of technology.