eBikeGo Acquires Tech Firm To Boost EV Industry

eBikeGo aims to launch an advanced telecommunications system for EVs in April 2022, which will also help develop a new flight management system.

Electric Two-Wheel Mobility Platform eBikeGo Technologies Costard Technologies acquires $ 2 million Ebkego said in a statement that the goal of the digital production and innovation company is to update the EV industry. The purchase will also help businesses get ahead of the competition, the statement added. With this acquisition, eBikeGo plans to build its own fleet management system (FMS) that promotes performance-enhancing technologies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket and others.

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The eBikeGo Charge Smart Charging Network uses AI and IOT along with other new technologies.

“We are thrilled to have Kustard Technologies, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the EVA industry. This accounts for 0.6 percent of total two-wheeled sales. As industry experts, we understand the urgency and importance of technology in the EV space, ”said Dr. Irfan Khan, founder and CEO of EBCK.

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eBikeGo plans to have around 3,000 IoT charging stations in 5 major cities by February 2021.

Acquisition of Kustard Technologies will help EVI’s remote inspections, such as vehicle health, motor, battery, controller, etc., be expanded. EV Technology Industry. These new employees contribute to production, design, innovation as well as UI and UX.

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EBKG is developing an IoT system that will strengthen EBG Matics mobile devices. EBG Matics is an advanced telecommunications system for EVs, enabling original manufacturers, ship operators, lenders, insurance companies and individuals to ensure real-time EV performance. This device follows the formula 0.5 – 5 – 50, which indicates that the vehicle must be repaired in the first half hour of any break or breakdown, and that 5 vehicles and their property must last for at least 5 years. And 50 indicates that the repair should be only half the cost.

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