WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Eight Indiana beginners have been selected to take part in the new initiative at Boost, Purdue Foundry to help beginners get ready and accepted for foreign investment.

The next step is to encourage the Purdue Foundation to improve the world in the early stages of its development, said Vice President Bill Arnold. Purdue Foundry.

Each company selected to participate in the opening Boost cohort has proven that the solution addresses market needs and is on the verge of launching a new product. At the beginning of the program, each will receive a non-refundable grant of $ 5,000.

Companies involved in Purdue Foundry’s first development

  • U.S. Evidence Management From Vincennes; Michael James, CEO. The U.S. Department of Evidence safely manages digital evidence and streamlines operations in criminal justice institutions.
  • Arakev From West Lafayette; Arman Sabagi, CEO of Arakev, will reduce waste and increase production capacity by using machine learning to improve accuracy and quality.
  • Denkoda from West Lafayette; Dongwock Kim, CEO. Changing the prognosis of osteoarthritis by using proprietary tests, early detection, and treatment of measles biomarker changes the prognosis.
  • EverTrue From Indianapolis; John Luther, CEO. EverTrue’s hand-held paper tool provides a fast, safe and more effective way to recover from Covide-19 and future outbreaks by identifying the fast, accurate, affordable and convenient Corona virus.
  • Helti from West Lafayette. Helti’s proprietary digital healthcare equipment aims to reduce employer health care costs by preventing and controlling chronic disease with better nutrition. Helti is a startup led by Angela Golddenstein, director of development at the Purdue Foundation. Helti is not a candidate for financial rewards or investments.
  • HemaChrome from West Lafayette; Huri Kim, CEO and Young Kim, CSO. HemaChrome is a mobile health technology that uses digital images of the eyelids to provide instant and accurate hemoglobin levels to the blood.
  • Pluto Aerospace From West Lafayette; Christopher Nielsen, CEO. As space travel expands, Pluto Aerospace stops to help businesses test their products in space.
  • ReproHealth Technologies From Indianapolis; James Donohue, CEO. ReproHealth will improve the efficiency of livestock technology and allow farmers to save time and money while raising their flocks.

Enrichment If the two leading negotiators from all over the US, who are leading the way in business plans, decide that a team is ready for investment, Purdue Foundation will invest $ 25,000.

Arnold Boost says entrepreneurs can help many young beginners avoid the pitfalls that attract them to their business.

“Each team provides financial support for the pre-race or race-level,” Arnold said. “Participants will test their business model, develop a customer purchasing strategy, create a repetitive sales model, develop unit economics and finances, formulate a preventative IP strategy, develop a strategy to build a winning team, and develop a equity strategy.”

The panel selected eight Boost cohort members out of 36 applicants. The judges were M25 Mike Assem, Angel Invest Boston Boston Daher, Return Capital Tony Olivito and Paul Stahura, series entrepreneur and angel investor.

About Purdue Foundry

OfPurdue FoundryIt is a hub for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship that helps professionals create entrepreneurs. Purdue Foundry is managed byPurdue Research Foundation, Received by the Association of Public and Landscaping Universities for the 2019 Innovation and Economic Prosperity Universities Award. Purdue Foundry atfoundry@prf.org.

Writer Steve Martin, sgmartin@prf.org

Source: Bill Arnold, waarnold@prf.org