Dubai, United Arab Emirates – (– Today in 2021 Dubai Air Show GE Digital Longtime GE customer announced Emirates Two new aviation information solutions have been signed to strengthen the sustainability of the programs. Dubai-based airline is implementing GE Digital’s Fuel Insight and FlightPulse® Pre-Flight module to reduce fuel costs and CO.2 Export Emirates is looking for these solutions to drive sustainable adoption in its shipping and flight operations.

Developing knowledge in flight information, aviation software solutions will work together to solve major aviation projects from Gee Digital. It affects the ability to choose high environmental conditions. Efficiency – From fuel use and carbon emissions, climate efficiency, forecast maintenance, records digitization and experimental understanding.

“The UAE recognizes that environmental responsibility is key to our long-term business success,” said Capt. Hassan Al-Hamadi, Senior VP of the Emirates Division of Flight Operations. “Modern and fuel-efficient aircraft have been central to our business model since its inception. We are fully committed to sustainable investment to reduce our environmental impact, and these solutions will help us achieve our goals. We want to equip our pilots with modern equipment and technology to help them fly safely and efficiently.

Fuel awareness It is a solution to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by working with accurate information from aircraft and airlines. This software uses GE Digital’s powerful aviation data and analytics platform to integrate flight information with flight plans and gain useful insights to increase aircraft fuel efficiency and reduce waste. Fuel Insight provides operators with multi-level intelligence that allows operators to avoid macro trends to understand flight issues.

Designed by pilots, for pilots, Flight Pulse Provides access to data. The Pre-Flight Module provides general information on fuel decisions and initial briefings for more information. The Emirates, a post-flight module already used with its pilots, provides secure access to the pilot’s personal flight history information, allowing them to analyze aircraft operations in relation to their peers and facilitate operations and explore self-discovery locations. Efficiency. Within FlightPulse, an international airline managed to control 5.71M kg of carbon emissions in one year, equivalent to 1,241 passenger cars off the road.1.

Emirates, part of the airline’s FlightPulse application, will be the first Gee digital customer to receive the software’s new animation capabilities. This new FlightPulse module is powered by Applied Informatics and Research Inc.’s FAS software system.

“At GE Digital, we feel we have a responsibility to make our world better for future generations, and that includes enabling our customers to impact their technologies and reduce environmental footprints in their work,” said GEA CEO Andrew Coleman. Digital Aviation Software Business. “Sustainability is the future of the aviation industry. Net zero is the target in 2050, and new technologies are key in the long run. We cannot wait until then. As we continue to innovate in the future, our innovative technology is ready to address the challenges.

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The history of the Emirates began in 1985 with the launch of only two aircraft. Today, we fly the world’s largest Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft to provide our customers with the latest and most up-to-date spacecraft. We encourage travelers around the world with a growing network of international destinations, industry-leading flight entertainment, regional-inspired food and world-class services.

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1- United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Greenhouse gas emissions from a conventional passenger vehicle