“We are pleased to welcome the Imaki team to EPAM. Their teams will add strategic, creative and digital experience to EPAM’s global digital and design portfolio,” he said. Ballas FejesPresident of the European Union and APAC Markets in EPAM. “Together, our combined capacity connects strategic thinking with continuous performance to better serve our customers – combining strategy, engineering, innovation and analysis.”

“A variety of manpower and skills have enabled our clients to provide digital-supported changes and experiences, including experience design, marketing strategy, CRM, marketing platforms and database analysis,” said Imaki Group CEO Karim Choikri. .

“Joining EPAM will enable us to increase and scale our future offerings – accelerating our digital design and engineering capabilities and helping our customers solve complex marketing and business challenges,” said Bryceek, chief executive officer of Imaki Group.

Allen and Overry (BelgiumLLP served as EPAM’s Legal Adviser and PwC’s Imakina team.

On November 3, 2021, EPAM Announced It now owns 98.69% of the stock Imakina Group. EPAM holds 100% shares after expiration dateNovember 30, 2021).

Visit EPAM’s Digital Experience Practice to learn more about job opportunities www.epam.com.

About EPAM Systems
Since 1993, EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE ፡ day Epim) Has made the world’s leading software engineering platform the leading provider of digital transformation services – leading the industry in digital and physical product development and digital platform engineering services. In his creative style; Integrated counseling, consulting and design skills; And with its unique ‘engineering DNA’, EPAM’s global teams will help improve the future of enterprises, communities and communities by improving better enterprise, education and healthcare platforms, improving practices and improving people’s lives. EBSAM’s most popular workplace, selected by Newsweek as 2021, serves multinational teams from more than 40 countries on five continents. As a well-known leader, EPAM is listed as one of the 15 best companies in the field of information technology by Fortune 1000 and has been ranked as the largest IT service company for the past three consecutive years. EPAM is also listed as one of the 25 largest agencies in the world during the advertising period and is named the top 20 fastest growing company in the consulting magazine EPAM Continuum by 2020. Learn more at www.epam.com And follow us. Twitter And LinkedIn.

About Imakina Group
Imaki Group is one of the leading digital group of independent digital agencies with 26 offices in 18 countries. Europe, Of Middle East, Africa And North America. Learn more at www.emakina. Team. And follow us on Twitter @EmakinaGroup.

About Imakina, Consumer Agency
Imaki is an internationally accessible digital agency. It is part of the Emakina group. As Ambassadors for Consumers, Imaki puts the user’s expectations and needs at the heart of any digital experience. This approach gives the agency’s unique customers a unique relationship with their new leaders in the digital age. Learn more at www.emakina.com.

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Source: EPAM Systems, Inc.

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