“ESIM is considered new not only in Georgia but also in foreign markets. Beeline aims to provide customers with the best digital products and services, and we strive to reduce our ability to use our services.

The digital world is constantly evolving, which means constantly participating in the process of innovation and change. In an interview with Financial, Tekle Tekediani, head of the Roaming and New Alternative Revenue Department, spoke about the new eSIM card recently introduced by Beeline. She emphasized the importance, importance, and future plans of the ICM in terms of digital development.

Q: Tell us what is an ISM and what are the benefits to customers?

A. eSIM (Embedded SIM) is a new generation virtual SIM card that allows the user to use all the services on the physical SIM card.

Benefits of eSIM includes connecting your mobile device to the network within minutes without leaving home; And upload multiple virtual numbers on one mobile device. Virtual SIM card can coexist with a physical SIM card. eSIM makes it very easy to connect with the same smartphone owners. Different network numbers can be loaded into eSIM. It will not fall; It does not require space on a mobile device and cannot be lost.

Q: When did you first introduce Beeline Isim and what is your experience in this regard?

ABline has been providing innovative digital products to its customers for several months. eSIM is considered new not only in Georgia but also in foreign markets. It should be noted that the popularity of isim as a product is growing rapidly.

Beeline eSIM has received the attention and attention of its customers, which obviously has a positive impact on the number of activities. We are planning many more innovations related to eSIM, and this number will grow faster over time. Our goal is to present it in a more sophisticated and simple way, because we think of it as a physical SIM card today.

Q: How can a client enable eSIM?

A. Beeline provides a complete digital solution for ISM customers. They do not need to go to the Billionaire Office at any stage of the ACM activation. eSIM can be activated online 24 hours a day from anywhere from our website.

Real-time customers have the option of purchasing a new billing number or replacing an existing physical SIM card with eSIM with a simple remote identification process. Following the simplest process, the user will receive a QR code and scan it to become an ICM owner.

All billing services you use for personal safety are available at eSIM. Only the type of SIM card will change, everything will remain the same.

Q: What is Bill Belay’s main initiative to promote this innovation?

A. Developing digital directions is an integral part of Beeline’s strategy. The company is creating a strong digital ecosystem, which is essential for future business success.

Beeline aims to provide customers with the best digital products and services, and we strive to reduce our ability to use our services.

This is where the idea of ​​promoting eSIM comes from. The goal was correct because we have such positive feedback from users, which suggests the ease and simplicity of the ECM activation process.

Q: How affordable is eSIM to customers financially?

A. We do not have an easy-to-buy analog in the market today. Buying a new eSIM number in Belin and converting from a physical SIM to an eSIM in both cases costs only GEL 5.

According to today’s information, it is very important and convenient for the customer to get the product they want at any time in 24 hours and 5 minutes without leaving their home.

Q: Is it possible to enable ISM on any mobile phone?

A. Smartphones are systematically improving every year, providing new and improved models with eSIM support. It should be noted that there is also a large selection of eSIM-supported models in Georgia.

Beeline’s website has a list of devices that support eSIM in Georgia. The website gives us videos of both processes – buying a new number / changing a physical SIM, which makes it much easier for those who want to go through the new process.

For simplicity, the Beeline website provides a description of the activation process for both iOS and Android smartphones.