Berkeley, California, November 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Gico, A modern banking platform with easy access to APIs allows businesses to add customized financial services to their customers. Euphoria He is using the platform to open the Banking application Bliss to the Transgender Community.¹.

Euphoria provides technology to the transgender community to alleviate the struggles associated with gender transitions. For a society that is experiencing social and institutional discrimination, the world of financial services is no different, with strict identity requirements restricting product access. Considering the costs and concerns of gender transformation, the launch of Efforia Happiness is a major step towards providing simple and digital secure financial services to the transgender community.

“I expect Blaise to be successful and by the end of the Euphoria voyage, Jiko will be carrying out one of the most difficult tasks of making the day-to-day finances of the most marginalized communities in the country. America” he said Robbie Catherine Anthony, CEO and founder of Euphoria. “If you can build a banking platform that will help you build savings programs for trans people, you can set up and run a financial platform for anyone. Euphoria can now focus on delivering.

How Gico works

Gico makes a special deposit model. He started out as a powerhouse, owning a bank and a broker and integrating a full pile of technology with both. Instead of saving money in a bank account, customer funds are invested in government-sponsored treasury accounts. When those funds are needed, they may be released immediately. As a result, their customers may feel safe knowing that their money will never be borrowed, that they will always be available, and that they will be able to earn an income. Meanwhile, Gico’s unique model can accept any customer deposit by exceeding the capital restrictions faced by traditional banking partners. Gico offers this deposit model directly through its API, and Euphoria is the first to bring these benefits directly to its customers.

Thanks to Jiko, Euphoria can:

  • Provide highly customized and flexible financial services tailored to the unique needs of the community. For example, the immeasurable benefit of the Euphoria community is the creation of the Bliss KYC flow and the opening of an account for visually impaired people. Representation is not related to government documents.. Euphoria has found it difficult to handle this with a traditional banking partner.
  • Launch Bliss in a few months. Integration with traditional partner banks cost 12 to 18 months for implementation and software development $ 1 million. Fast mobile companies that want to provide banking services do not have the luxury of spending time in long merger cycles.
  • Thanks to Jiko for the complete stack presentation, streamline sales management. This eliminates the need for external partner banks and allows for better customization. The benefits of GICO are a complete stack, straight integration and low implementation costs, which help to eliminate weaknesses.
  • Improve profitability and economy. The GICO business model provides general transactions from card transactions to partners and their customers.

It is challenging to create a great digital money experience. Years ago, this problem could be solved either by technology alone or by completing flawless developer integrations. Instead, GICO allows its customers and partners to run the first mobile banking applications known to their customers. The result allows companies, brands and communities to focus only on the needs of their users.

“All signs point to the immediate future in which Fintech is the center of all permanent and community, and Euphoria is no different.” Stephan Lintner, CEO and co-founder Jiko. “We have a great opportunity to expand our digital product portfolio to your favorite brands, traditional banks, and other finitex. A company or person can help.

About Gico
GICO is a state-of-the-art banking and investment platform that allows new companies to add savings and operations to their unique customer experience. At Jico, any company can efficiently store and operate its own funds, and provide customers with secure, seamless, transparent and flexible banking services. Companies use a Jicon T-Bill-based model to increase financial efficiency, deepen customer relationships, reach out to underprivileged populations, and contribute to a more stable financial system in general.

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1. Gico Technologies, Inc., owned and operated by GICO Technologies and its affiliates, provides specialized financial services provided by Gico Securities, Inc., a broker-dealer and FINRA / SIPC member and GICO Bank. Member of the Central Bank of the Central Bank, FDIC. Jiko Securities, Inc. Tags tag-

Not FDIC Insurance; There is no bank guarantee; It can be worthless. watch out FINRA BrokerCheck And Jiko US Treasuries Threatens.

Source: Gico

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