You can add influencers to the list of people affected by the supply chain shortage.

While ports across the country are still being supported, brands are warning their customers to ship slowly and encourage them to order ahead of the holiday season. These shortcomings are causing uncertainty in the marketing process because brands do not know if a product will be viable if it ends up being infected.

“Supply chains are a real issue,” said Daniel Willie, chief executive of Sway Group, an influential marketing company. “Why spend so much money? [to influencers] Not knowing what to expect? ”

Gabe Feldman, head of Virtual Nation Business Development, Influence and Implementation Marketing, said they had seen some brands move their products due to supply chain problems. .

Movers + Shakers had a customer who could not find the custom-made gift boxes at the time and had to pull out related holiday ads, said Ivan Horowitz, CEO and founder of the company. Digital Brand Architects, another social impact marketing agency, asked customers to create content around a particular color bag, then the color of the bag was depleted, and another had to be changed at the last minute, said CEO Raina Penchansky.

“With some customers, not only access to all parts of the product, but also physical logistics issues,” said Alessandro Bogliari, founder and CEO of Influential Marketing Factory. Some brands have reduced their trading budget to ensure that they can handle last-minute supply witnesses.

During the October revenue call, Snap was dragging some retailers back into the Snapchat platform because in some cases they did not have enough merchandise.

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To address supply problems, some brands are using influencers to promote a wide range of products instead of focusing on a few items. “Our customers are not as productive as this ‘doll’ tone,” said Me Karrowski, chief executive of the Influential Marketing Agency. “The message is a more general and varied product offering.”

Brands are also shifting their content to focus on other holiday themes besides gift giving. “Consumers, of course, look for influencers to find gift ideas, but also for home decor inspiration, party themes, recipes, and maybe even travel destinations,” Horowitz said.

Despite this uncertainty, the creators of this holiday season are still in high demand, which has led to an increase in the number of influencers. TiktokIt is especially in demand from brands.

The forum saw the number of brands looking for creators, which increased the number of influencers. “There are so many brands competing for their attention,” Carrowski said, adding that brands could expect a price increase of 15 to 30 percent.

Influential CEO Ryan Detert echoed this, and the new creators of Tick Talk are attracting huge budgets. “We’ve seen brands switch campaigns for a week to work with a specific influence,” he said. “Influencers are the support of new celebrities, and brands are willing to work with them.”

US digital advertising is expected to grow to $ 6 billion this November and December on social media-influenced content, with Salesforce accounting for 20% of this year’s digital advertising.

Another way is that blockchain influencers are increasingly choosing their partner brands or have entered into long-term brand deals.

“Influencers are more targeted and planned than last year,” Karrowski said. “They are happy to have brands that have strengthened their relationship.”

According to Jess Phillips, founder and CEO of Social Standard, which connects brands to social talent, brands are relying on influencers to “stimulate that emotional connection between the festival and the brand.”

Horowitz echoes this: “During the festive season, companies were on the sidelines or their spectators were not sure if they were here. But now they are getting it, and we are seeing limited price changes and availability limited.

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