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from Facebook ‘metaverse’ to Cryptop And blockchain technology, look at the world once and ask, ‘Is WTF going on?’ It’s easy to say. One thing is for sure – we are rushing to the new Internet frontier at an alarming rate.

As we do this, new concepts and technologies are emerging that promise to reshape our daily lives. One such technology is Funngible Tokens or NFTs and with everyone. Paris Hilton Getting into Grimm’s action is very difficult to ignore.

But what exactly are NFTs and why is everyone being told so much about them? They really change the future and most importantly how do we get into the action?

We met Professor Pontus Rendall, Professor of Economics (MSO) Copenhagen Business School To find out everything you need to know about NFTs, as well as Caroline Dowkins, senior vice president of Clinic Global Online, Consumer Engagement and how the technology marketing revolution is revolutionary. Beauty Industry.


NFT is an immovable token – the keyword here is ‘fungible’, which can be replaced. In other words, NFT cannot be replaced or repeated – it is one of a kind and completely unique.

“NFTs are a way to make information or digital products unique,” explains Professor Rendall. “It has the property to copy data indefinitely but data or digital products can be verified with NFT technology.”

Think in oil Painting. The original will be the same and can be verified by artists and historians. Of course you can take the photo, but there is still only one original in one place and one owned by someone. NFT technology can verify digital assets with blockchain technology, just as a historian or artist confirms.

So, what are those digital assets? Well, it could be anything. Jack Dorsey, CEO TwitterHe sold his first tweet as an NFT for over $ 2.9 million. With the help of designer Blake Catherine, Paris Hilton created a series of digital art films featuring three unique NFTs, Hummingbird in My Meters, Legend of Love and Iconic Crypto Queen. She sold the collection for more than a million dollars in April. NFTs are also in. Game The world, online PurchaseBy ticketing for real life events and by Virtual reality.

So why is everyone so excited about NFTs?

There is probably a common hypothesis around NFTs at the moment, but according to experts, the technology itself deserves attention.

“It is very important to maintain and verify the authenticity of digital products,” said Professor Rendall.

“Value, philosophically, is largely determined by scarcity. This b Diamonds, Rolex Hours, Chanel Handbags, Indoor apartments and many more. Digital products have a problem here; Fraud is incredibly simple and resembles the original product in the same way. In fact, not even an expert can tell you a boot version of an Excel-licensed version. This means that any digital can be copied many times without restriction, which reduces the scarcity. NFT can solve that, and that’s very important.

How can I buy NFTs and create my own?

When some NFTs sell millions of pounds (including art NFTs created by previously unknown artists), it is hard not to take action. There are several platforms that sell NFT, including Nifty Gateway (Digital Art Forum) and Conceivable, Which sells a variety of NFTs from music to domain names. These platforms often give users the opportunity to ‘extract’ a digital file and create their own NFT.