A new video by Inspired by Iceland on Thursday, October 28, 2021, presented to Facebook by Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, stated that he opposes the practice of “metaverse”.

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Online dating apps, crypto exchanges, and professional wrestling brands are among the many companies that have tried to negotiate their differences over Metavers this quarter.

The concept was beyond the minds of analysts Facebook Last month he changed the company name to Meta. Preparing “not only for viewing but also for configured internet for those in your experience” As stated by the CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg is playing Meta Verse, a computer-generated world where computers can work, play and communicate using virtual reality headphones.

But executives around the world have very different opinions about what Meters is and when we expect it. Some see Metvas as a thing of the past, for example, worlds created by Roblox. Others see it as a vague concept of the future.

When asked about their plans for Metavas this week after earning a living, the executive’s answers were all there. And nothing. He did not hesitate to invest in forward-thinking business opportunities that could boost most stock values. It is not clear whether the ideas are real or not – or whether the ideas are meaningful.

“All I can do is sit back and watch.” Nell Stephen1992 Book “Ice Clash” for CNBC at a Recent Interview.

This is what we “learned.”

It is a common human experience.

Robolox CEO David Bazuki concludes: “Today it is called Meta Verse. We call it the collective human experience.”

“This new category of measurement or collective experience is predicted on eight fundamentals,” said Bazuki, who describes identity, social, immersive, low-impact, diverse, ubiquitous, economic, and civilized.

It is already here.

Warner Music Group Chief Executive Officer Stephen Cooper: “I think we will start to see the opportunity to connect content and distribution with these large meters, FortNit, Roblox and others. And as you begin to look at the number of people who spend meaningful time in these new worlds, the global reach, I think it gives a chance to Warner’s universe.

Not yet here.

Vonage Holdings (Cloud Communications) Read CEO Rory: “I think the next 5, 7, 10 years.”

It is too late to enter

Billy (China Video-Sharing Station) Chief Executive Officer Rui Chen.: “Metaverse is a concept, not a product. And before this concept was introduced, there were many elements associated with metavers. And with those concepts, many companies are growing their products, for example, Facebook and Tencent, and in fact, Billibili is one of them.

That’s why I think if someone hears the concept of metaphysics and decides to enter this business, it might be a little late. Because these elements, like the social order, the ecological self-reinforcement, all of these cannot be done in a few months or years.

It is unclear.

Tentent President Chi Ping Law: “In a nutshell, I think this is a really interesting, but a little vague concept.

Dolby Laboratories Chief Executive Kevin Yeaman: “I think metavers can take many forms, but in the end it is an audiovisual experience.”

No matter what, NetEase will be a ‘fast runner’

Chinese game maker NetEase Margaret Shi, Head of Investment Relations“The accessory is definitely a new buzzword everywhere today. But on the other hand, I think no one has ever experienced what it is. But at NetEase, we are ready for technology. We know how to store relevant knowledge.” Appropriate Skills: So when that day finally arrives, I think we will probably be one of the fastest runners in the Meters space.

It has something to do with crypto.

Coinbase Co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong“I think this part of the property is now being used by tens of millions of Americans for all kinds of things, not just financial services and special payments and so on, but also wisdom and new forms of governance and identity and Metaverse. It is exciting to be in the field.

It is a digital game of life.

Chris Cox, CEO HasbroBeach Witches: “The first step to participating in Meters is to have digital games. I think Meters is short, hey, entertainment is digital and entertainment is a game of life.”

It is something that will happen to Bumble.

Bumble (Dating Company) President Tariq M. Shaukat: “We are taking a 3D 3 lens on the Meters section, especially on this one, which means we are … What we think is blockchain and crypto is to apply the experience of our communities as a whole, in fact, we are not only ecological but also human society.

“And the opportunities to truly engage our members and think as part of this community are really, really, really exciting. This’s something that is evolving.We want to make sure that we are developing technically and engineeringly.The basis for everything that happens in the world of metavers and the web.

It will have news and sports

Ryan Steilberg, Veriton (AI Software) Co-FounderA simple example: Now think of just one of our major media partners, such as ESPN or CBS News, all of which, in practice, is ready to integrate seamlessly with Meters. More traditional distribution methods, such as OTT or linear television.

Works on Qualcomm chips

Qualcomm Chief Executive Cristiano Amon: “If you spend your time in Meters, Snap Note will be your ticket to Meters.” (Facebook Oaks earphones currently run on Qualcomm chips.)

It will be much bigger than Facebook (meta)

Veriton CEO Chad Steilberg“I think Metavers is much bigger than the new meta company aka Facebook. By definition, it is a multidisciplinary version, which transmits both content and information to the digital realm, and then, obviously, digital. The government that connects us with our physical identity.

Unity Senior Vice President Mark Whiten“Regardless of the word ‘metavers’, it is being developed by millions of content creators, and we are on a mission to bring those simple, high-performance visions to life.”

Robolox Chief Product Officer Manuel Bronstein: “With Roblox we want to connect more than 1 billion people in metavers.”

It will have ads.

Robolox Chief Business Officer Craig Donato“We expect advertising agencies to be able to build a variety of experiences.”

Disney will have one

Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob ChapeckSuffice it to say that our efforts so far are only a prelude to a closer relationship between the physical and digital worlds and the narrative of our own Disney metaverse. “

Includes people playing the piano

Match team (Dating Companies) Chief Executive Officer Sharmista Dubai:For example, there is a piano bar where people can collect their digital identity but are busy playing piano at home. You can listen to conversations, join conversations, log in to digital models to see many of their profiles, and have rich features that help you connect with someone. How people meet and get acquainted in a romantic relationship or social setting is a dynamic experience that comes to life in a way that is similar to how people interact in the real world.

It is primarily produced by artists.

Unity CEO John Richielo says UnityWeta has acquired UnityWeta Digital.That, in turn, helps us to identify and build on the idea of ​​a better place in a world where there are so many creators. And now we have found something that millions of creators around the world consider to be artists, welcome to the stage, and entertained. So this really puts something under our stage, at least from the point of view of the artist, the true magic and the largest audience in our universe.

It is strong.