Kamal Hassan has announced that he has joined Metavas a few days later to highlight the future of the Internet by changing its name to Meta. What it means for fans is that they can stay close to the actor and his work without taking their eyes off their personal device. The virtual space that connects physical digital has taken shape in the game world. Now Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is looking to connect with people from business to entertainment.

What’s all about the buzz around Metaverse?

Hassan says he is being linked with an Indian digital company that makes online metavers, and the actor will have his own “world” and a museum dedicated to him.

“I look forward to exploring the digital and physical world of communication now known as Metavers. The journey of more than six decades of my life will be a gift for this identity,” Hassan said in a statement. You can.

The way the ‘metaverse’ has dominated speech in the digital world in recent days, one would think it was a term coined by a company called Facebook. The fact is that In 1992, the novel Snow Crash was created by author Neil Estefanos. In this regard, Zuckerberg’s approach to his company is very different from what he had in Stephen’s novel.

Zuckerberg thinks that Metavers opens up the potential for digital technologies to become a world away from the world where people or their digital models interact and work or play with others. Science fiction or film. Zuckerberg stated that a company would not control the area, but Meta would create a Meta version by hiring 10,000 employees in Europe. But the company certainly wants to be a leader in merging, which is why the 37-year-old founder of Facebook said, “It’s a transition from a people who see us as a social media company to a metaphor.” .

So, what is METAVERSE?

The suffix “meta” comes from the Greek, meaning “backwards or forwards.” It’s in the imaginary world but it feels like the truth.

The concept is nothing new though. If you watch a movie like Matrix or Real Player, you can easily find out what is needed. Think of a video game. The player controls the character or events on the screen with the help of commands and buttons. Now, instead of sitting on the console and watching the game on the screen, what if the player is in the game, not outside, but inside as a character?

But while gaming companies are making their first move in the direction of metavers, the imaginary world of technology giants is wider and wants to embrace everything from office to entertainment.

What can I do in Metavers?

It is a concept that encompasses the online world in which people interact, collaborate, and communicate with others, not in the same place. For example, you could be in New Delhi and your family could be in Kolkata, but you could sit around a table and have dinner together. That’s right. Zoom in Or Google Meet On steroids. Instead of staring at the screen, you see your family members at the table.

The potential for virtual reality is enormous. Being able to try it all out before ordering the dress you found online. Or, sitting in your drawing room and jumping into the car you want to drive for a test drive?

The pattern between the cholera virus and the shift from home to work can also be a game. Instead of viewing colleagues on a video call grid, employees can join them in a virtual office.

The device chosen for Meters first, at least in the case of Facebook, looks like a VR, or virtual reality, headset. And, Facebook already has its own in-house product – after acquiring Oculus VR headphones in 2014 for $ 2 billion.

Although previous reviews were not good, Facebook has launched a meeting software for Horizon Workrooms to use with Oculus VR headphones. The headphones cost $ 300 or more, making Metavas’ cutting-edge experience unavailable to many. For those who can afford it, users can fly between their avatars, the imaginary worlds created by different companies.

How does it work?

Facebook has made its first trip to create a world of VR in 2019 by introducing users of Facebook Horizon, an invitation-only immersive environment to Oculus headphones. Launched at Horizon Workrooms in August, this feature will be seen as their own cartoon 3D versions, in which staff will be meeting in a virtual room wearing a VR headset.

But, in the future, the vision is to make Metasas a better place. Venture capitalist Matthew Ball wrote in a blog post that Metravers will be a “fully functioning economy… where individuals and businesses create, own, invest, sell.” There are already lucrative and new game symbols. NFTs are the only digital assets available.

In addition, Ball believes that “it will be an experience covering both the digital and physical worlds” and “unprecedented data, digital assets / content interaction.”

In an interview with The Virgin, Zuckerberg said that “flexibility is not just a virtual reality” and that it will be accessible on a variety of computer platforms such as virtual and advanced reality, as well as personal computers, mobile devices and gaming consoles.

According to the founder of Facebook, Metavers said, “It will be a sustainable, harmonious environment where we can be together. Included in “”

How is it being built?

In a September post, Andrew Bosworth, CEO of Facebook Reality Labs, and Nick Clegg, the company’s global affairs officer, said that “differentiation is not a product that a company can build alone.” The “Let There Be No Facebook World” post also states that such a metaphor is “not built overnight” and could take another 10-15 years to become a reality.

In another blog post, the company went on to say in a blog post announcing plans to drive its meta-plans in Europe: “No company will own Meta Verses” and “its main feature will be transparency and compatibility.” “Collaboration and collaboration between companies, developers, creators and policymakers.”

Online games such as FortNit and gaming platforms such as Roblox have begun a virtual reality show featuring Popstar Ariana Grande at Fortinit. Graphics company NVD is reportedly building Omniverse, a platform for connecting 3D virtual worlds.

Regarding Facebook Meters, the company said, “It requires continued investment in product and technology talent as well as growth in the business.” Governments have already announced a $ 50 million investment to partner with industry partners and civil rights groups. .

What about data privacy?

Facebook’s European job vacancies have not gone unnoticed, leading to a backlash and leaks on social media.

The Washington Post – owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – last month posted on its Facebook page Metas Drive: It is part of a broader push to innovate and control Facebook’s next wave of Internet technologies, ”he said.

While the company has not released much details about the privacy and usage of the data in Meters, there have been concerns over the way in which past Facebook users’ handling of data has been treated differently and perhaps more personally. It creates in metavers.

“You can enjoy, work, play, learn, trade, create, and so on with your friends. It’s not just about spending a lot of time online – it’s about making the most of the time you spend online, ”he said.

With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacting some of the world’s strict data privacy and processing rules, the focus of meta-development in Europe may be part of a sustained strategy. Supervisors when creating new technology.

“The European Union is also playing a key role in shaping the new Internet rules. European policymakers are leading the way in promoting freedom of expression, privacy, transparency and the rights of individuals to day-to-day Internet operations,” the company said in a statement.

(Previous edition of this article was published on October 29)

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