Michael Rubin, Founder / Executive Chairman of Fanatics, met in Atlanta, Georgia

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Sports e-commerce company Fanatics received another grant for its work on Thursday, as the company wants to balance more revenue than just goods.

Fanatics’s invincible token company Candy Digital has spent $ 100 million in a series and is now worth $ 1.5 billion. Investors include SoftBankVision Fund 2, Insight Partners and Famer Payton Manning Pro Football Hall. No specific investment terms were issued.

Candy Digital It started last June In the middle of a sports NFT boom. NFTs are linked to blockchain, a digital record similar to blockchain used as digital currencies bitcoin. This effectiveness provides a unique and unbreakable certificate of accuracy for each NFT. Sports leagues are attracted to this technology, and some league commissioners predict that NFTs will help re-create ticket models.

Candy Digital will run its NFT products on the Ethereum blockchain and compete with Daper Laps in the NFT space. A.D. In 2018, the Canadian-based company created the National Basketball Association and contributed digital collections. Sales increased around the NBA Top Shot last February, and earlier this month NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Dapper renewed licenses with the league. Dapper also Attracted National Football League rights last September.

After several increases this year, Dapper’s estimate has increased. Over $ 7 billion.

Candy Digital is achieving similar results with its unique Major League baseball deal.

Los Angeles Dodgers midfielder Cody Bellinger (35) St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Tommy Edman (19) stole the second base when he picked up his second throw late in the seventh inning at Doder Stadium.

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MLB provided the entire digital catalog for Candy Digital. That means Candy Digital could use NFTs that could collect legends like Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson. The company wants to build an NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell and store NFTs. Candy Digital earns money from transaction fees.

Candy Digital said the money will be used to grow the business and hire more staff. In addition, Candy Digital said it will roll out the beta version of the 2021 MLB post-season and upcoming world series.

Fanatics owns most of Candy Digital, and is owned by Mike Novogratz, founder of Crypto Commercial Bank Galaxy Digital. The company’s board members include Novogratz, Fanatics chairman Michael Rubin and investor Gary Vynevuk. Scott Lawn is the CEO of Candy Digital. Rubin wants to place Candy Digital in one of the most important parts of the Fanathics Digital Sports Platform, as the company looks beyond sports goods.

Extremists want to find a sports betting company and are launching a consumer sports card business. Last August, Fanatics Protected license rights For the NBA, NFL and MLB to produce the cards. Those agreements helped value extremists Business card business at $ 10 billion Following the collection of $ 350 million.