Claudio Guglieri, CEO of Transformer Magazine, NYC-based design agency, spoke about the relationship between a brand and why it is important to define key brand values ​​in all product segments.

What is the relationship between the brand and the product?

The brand is the brand and the brand is the brand. In their symbiotic communication, one cannot exist without the other and both are essential to establishing a relationship with your audience. Of all the places and places where a brand interacts with its audience, the product should be the best expression of all brand concepts, values ​​and characteristics. It is their reason and their best shot to attract new defenders. A powerful brand that is not supported by a great brand is like a great movie post but it has no clever plot. Disappointing and deceptive.

As for the brands that come to life with the service we come in contact with on a daily basis, this relationship is very strong and comes with the basic needs of today’s digital access. The brand name of the famous sneaker company should come through their sneakers but also in the platform they use to trade them. Ensuring that user experience, content, and platform design are built on brand pillars is critical to product understanding.

Why is it important to describe the main product values ​​in each product category?

It is important because the brands in the abstract make no sense to people. What they come in contact with is, in the end, their understanding of the brand. However, long road maps, backlogs and corporate debt often get in the way and brands and products vary. The processes we use to create a brand, the product promotion and all the components involved make it very difficult to manage a brand. Disruption of brand and product leads to fragmented narratives between what the company thinks and what the product stands for.

We have partnered with Hidden beginnings in the healthcare space to revitalize their new brand and to alleviate the pressures of some busy parents and to find more joy in their lives. The main purpose of their products is to help them focus on the most important ones. As a brand, it is thoughtful, encouraging and effective. In the product, these features are lively, purposeful, and lively, with a very clean user interface that celebrates your achievements with you. This brand was created to save your time, not to spend it.

What are the best ways to check product prices in product categories?

I like to think about how a brand manifesto describes your purpose and personality, but how you produce, live, and deliver it to your customers. Some of the biggest steps we can take to turn brand names into tactical actions is to translate brand values ​​into experience principles because rand values ​​can sometimes be elevated in the context of digital production.

Once you have defined what your brand should look like in your product, now is the time to find the right fit for it. Find definite moments. There are marketing times and high traffic times in each product where the user has a positive attitude and brand name shines. Decide more times. Products, like human beings, are characterized by their good behavior and mistakes, and creating their branding moment can be as powerful as a successful signature period.

How did the advent of digitalisation and the advent of technologies change the way brands are presented?

Digitization has made brands more accessible to their audiences than ever before. For example, CPG brands are not only competing on local shelves but also globally on traditional ecomm platforms and yet ecomm capacity on social networks. Brands have always moved from the intended comics strategy to the model. Whether a brand comes to life as a digital service (Instacart) or represents a traditional packaging company, they are expected to be present at all times and show their character in the best possible context.

As a result, trademarks can no longer be associated with social issues. Brands are part of society and describe the role of their hiring practices, their carbon footprint, charities or even political contributions. Audiences reward brands with integrated features on channels. Today, brands have a greater impact on the success or failure of their products. Therefore, it is more important than ever how we work to define their values ​​and how they come to life over time. Just as a brand represents a product, so the product represents a product. Everything we do for a brand, whether related to a product or a market, large or small, must serve its purpose.