Reports indicate that Irish consumers are accepting non-payment payments, and TSB is working to expand its digital product offerings.

Fixed TSB has become the latest bank to make Google Payments accessible to both private and micro SME customers.

last year, Bank of Ireland offers payment To the customers. The online payment platform arrived in Ireland in 2016 with Android payment for KBC and AIB customers.

Fixed TSB Applepine was launched last year as a digital payment provider. The bank said. Recent Partnership To use a digital mortgage application platform with Irish Fintech start-up credit logic.

Jeff Harbor, head of Personal Banking at TSB, said 60 percent of its current customers use Android phones and the bank expects a “very positive response from Google.”

“Google Pay is a great addition to our payment options for our personal and small SME customers. It is a further demonstration of our commitment to meet the needs of our customers.

The feature is now available for all personal current account and credit card customers as well as business debit cards for SME current account customers.

Google Pay users are not limited to debit cards for a maximum of 50 euros for non-contact transactions. In addition, customers with a fixed TSB premium account will receive a refund of 10C for making Google Pay payments related to their debit cards.

The popularity of unrelated payments

Non-payment methods continue to be very popular with Irish bank customers. As of June 2021, according to the Wakefield Visa Consumer Survey, it is close Three-quarters (73 pcs) Irish consumers planned to pay as much as possible without touching.

The Federation of Banking and Payments of Ireland (BPFI) has achieved similar results in it Q1 Payments Tracking Report Published in May. According to the report, communication fees among Irish users have increased by 62 percent year-over-year.

Traditional banks have had to expand their digital payment offerings significantly over the past few years, following fierce competition from digital test takers such as N26 and Revolut.

In January, four Irish banks – AIB, Bank of Ireland, permanent TSB and KBC Ireland – He announced plans to set up a new company It’s called Synch Payments. The BPFI industry team also participated.

The Sinch Payments platform is a user-friendly app that allows customers from all four banks to send money to each other. However, the keeper of the race CCPC has suspended their plans for the time being. Planners said at the time that they would continue to work with the supervisor.

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