February Dishes, Nigeria-based platform announces closure of a shop that allows digital creators to explore digital content, create portfolios and receive payments from their audiences.

Prior to the news, Disha had launched more than 20,000 users. At one point, he said, his monthly growth rate was about 100%. Three days after Disha announced the closure, he said he was considering new options for the company and would share the improvements after making a new decision..

A Twitter user earlier this month Noticed Disha FAQs on Flutterwave support documents suggest that Unicorn may have found the creator platform. Although there were repeated questions for Disha. Removed, Flutterwave confirmed today to Tech Crunch that it has actually bought a two-year platform. The terms of the agreement are not specified; However, some sources say the purchase price is six digits.

Flutewave is said to be meeting some beginners in the past, but has not been able to do so. And what is even more amazing is that the purchase is free of charge or fintech.

Dishes Founded by Evans Akano, Rufus Oimade and Bereket Abang in 2019. It is one of the most popular platforms in Africa, including the company. Cellar And IraoTargeting creators and influencers globally. Disha provides them with tools to create a one-page site to design and share a search system to receive links, content, portfolios and payments.

Although Disha has an international presence, its revenue was low. a few Repeated income over $ 1,000 per month. With low incomes and limited resources, Disha showed signs of struggle; Even the former CEO confirmed this in a deleted link post, saying that Disha and Cretal, the founding and chief executive of the design agency, had been fired while leading a role in September.

“We [the founders] We have decided to close the company because we do not have the resources to continue to pursue our true vision, ”former CTO Oyemade told Tech Cruises via email. “At Flutterwave, we now have a way to drive value for both creators and revenues to continue the business. We are delighted to receive a call from Flutterwave, which has kept hopes alive.

O’Medley will continue to lead the technology behind the product in a new role in software and architecture. Akano and Abeng, a former CMO, left the company to pursue other projects.

Flutterwave Disha says it will continue to be an independent brand with a unique brand and operation.. From now on, it wants to focus on features and combinations that help creators Simply Schedule meetings and exhibitions, build sustainable revenue through subscriptions, and use new technologies in the creative space.

Why did Flutterwave make this purchase? In fact, it strengthens the Dishan payment process by allowing users to make transactions in more than 150 currencies and 34 countries worldwide. But for the most part Importantly, Flutterwave wants to get involved in $ 100 billion global creative economy.

The outbreak has created opportunities for millions of freelancers and creators to use untapped tools to generate revenue for their craft and community.

“Recently, we have been divided into building materials to grow freelance, businesses and now entrepreneurs,” said Olugbengba “GB” Agbola in an email. “We see Dishan as an opportunity to showcase their innovative handicrafts and capture the paid Indy creators market.

in additionThere is a growing demand for food to create, capture, sell or share digital experiences such as NFT.. It sits well with most dish customers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. Optimization Transactions around the ownership and sale of these digital practices.

Flutterwave knows that, and with this acquisition, Fintech is saying it’s a ticket to eat at the growing NFT table, where it costs more than $ 10 billion. used to Spent Only In Q3 2020.

“Disha is a global tool and the global creative economy is huge, and as the NFT grows in popularity, there is no limit to how much the creative economy can grow,” GB said.