Attention, Attention… a new study for premium digital is here

Partner contentMel Metro Media has partnered with Lumen, a large online project called Center to Measure Attention, Brand Memoirs and Purchasing Needs. The publisher is launching a free advertising campaign to attract millions of readers.

Focus narrative is growing rapidly and in the industry, we are seeing positive stories about why we all need to focus.

Focus technology company Lumen Focus is an expert in economics and advertising, the bigger the ad, the more likely it is to get more attention.

This finding has been the subject of much debate over the speed of scrolling or the positive effects of premium environments. We also know from various sources that the focus is on advertising and encourages brand choice, but how does digital digital work and why do so many online studies focus on regular display?

To address this question, Mail Metro Media has partnered with Lumen to launch a major online project that measures the amount of focus, brand memorization and purchasing demand for premium display, video, sponsored content and homepage deals on MailOnline on mobile and desktop.

More attention is being paid to why the ad works.

It is important to consider the power of the focus as the user spends time looking at the ad. Advertising is a big difference between being in sight, being in digital measurement, and being seen, remembered and acted upon.

While we can make predictions about the focus on predictive models, it will be even more important to use eye tracking technology on premium design to understand how advertising works in the selected media context.

Focusing first allows us to begin to understand the characteristics of the position that creates the opportunity to be seen, but secondly, the test of determination, we can see what is involved in creativity. This is one of the most important lessons in eye-tracking studies, which shows us what people see in action, slogans, or visuals. We can also understand the reaction to the ad through follow-up surveys.

Premium Matters for Digital…

Why the Focus Center explores premium digital issues of focus and brand metrics, and for the first time Mail Metro Media is able to review the entire digital product portfolio on MailOnline.

In this study, nine premium formats and nine standard formats were tested by more than 2,500 MailOnline readers. Respondents were completing a series of questionnaires to assess not only standardized eye monitoring measures but also memory, observation and purchasing purposes.

Mail Online has been chosen as the perfect context because it is the UK’s busiest newspaper brand, generating more than 1.8 billion page views per month for readers by posting over 70 minutes per month on its website and app. In addition, MailOnline provides approximate and attractive creative formats that provide scalability, and we can be sure that they are currently receiving a lot of attention.

Premium digital formats generate higher focus rates compared to standard digital formats, but the Focus Center shows just how much each premium format gets more attention.

Premium not only enhances digital digital focus but also greatly enhances brand memory. This improvement in brand memory will result in changes in both thinking and purpose.

In addition to the premium formats, we also found other features that improve performance, such as increasing the number of vulnerabilities of a brand on the same page. This improves focus and brand metrics, and contextual targeting leads to further improvements.

Our Highlights Findings for Premium Forms…

Premium formats get more attention –

Focus four times more than standard formats and focus more than seven times on desktop.

The focus on MailOnline premium formats may be higher than other digital channel metrics – Investing in the right stock for the right purpose can lead to quality focus.

Significantly Improve Brand Memory on Desktop and Mobile – Memory suggested in premium formats is much higher, up to twice as much!

Drive Incentives and Purpose Purpose – With a lot of focus, the percentage of respondents who can reconsider their brand in the future has improved.

What is a focal point and why is it important?

Focus Center Metro Media is the latest major research project to become part of the broader focus economy. MailOnline helps showcase how brand advertising works and allows advertisers to showcase their creative work in future campaigns.

That’s why Mail Metro Media will soon be launching a creative focus on creative use of Lumen Eye tracking technology to help its customers understand how their ads work and how to make their content more attractive to users.

Using Creative Focus Advertising Effectiveness with Mail Metro Media allows advertisers to test their focus, in addition, it measures metrics for focus on formats, which can be compared with lines to better understand effectiveness.

Focus Center has provided Mail Metro Media Awareness to create focus media plans that provide a predictable focus for any campaign. Using this data and future research means that it would be better for the media owner to suggest better optimization to increase the focus and brand metrics.

How can you get involved?

In honor of the new research, industry leader Metro Media is launching a free advertising campaign to attract millions of readers.

To find out more about Focus Center research and the opportunity to win a multi-platform advertising campaign with Mail Metro Media: Click here.

To see the focus study in more detail, see the full report at Click here Or Contact by email With Mail Metro Media.

Samantha Ellis is an intelligent manager in Mail Metro Media