Named HiPhi Z, the new GT is inspired by ideas for the future and the concept of a four-dimensional space. ‘XYZ’ represents the coordinates of space, and ‘T’ is the time axis. Like anything outside of science fiction, HiPhi Z breaks ideas in the usual XYZ-T space and time, bringing the future here and now. Both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced, the HiPhi Z features a lot of great functionality as well as a smart AI signature, which makes the car live and soulful.

Commenting on the announcement, Ding Lee, founder of Human Horizons, said: To create.

Wholesale Production HiPhi Z features the world’s first Star Ring Intelligence Signal Display (ISD) lighting system, electromagnetic anti-glare, active aerospace and flexible tires as well as the industry’s first shiny trim with a flexible lighting band. (Ambient light on door panel) and backlight screen (2k Panel). The vehicle’s ‘digital soul’ is supported by the world’s first multi-axis displacement digital robot HiPhi Bot and allied with the world’s largest gaming software company, Epic Games, the world’s most advanced 3D provider development engine, Unreal Engine 5. In addition to the in-house smart driving technology that supports some of the world’s most advanced self-driving algorithms.

As a company, Human Horizons is committed to creating vehicles that combine the latest technology innovation with premium quality luxury, the new car division TECHLUXE®. In the future, HiPhi Z will continue to set new standards for Chinese luxury brands that offer unique, unique driving experience to users.

About HiPhi

HiPhi is a premium brand created by Human Horizons and improved by its users. HiPhi Region EVs lightweight aluminum-steel construction and durable vegan skins and recyclable materials increase the durability of human horizon EV products.

About the human horizon

Human Rights Group Inc. is focused on research and development as well as innovative smart vehicles for business. In addition, the human horizon develops modern transportation solutions as a core component of smart cities, which redefines human activity.

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