Digitization is ubiquitous, and Europe is determined to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. And Respect Of Paris Climate Agreement., A Digital Company from Luxembourg is finally bringing its new product Door2Gate together. Domestic market.

2 years later, with a successful launch in Brussels, Door2Gate fComing home Luxembourg and its people and the border regions of Germany, Belgium; And a new, smarter, more affordable and more environmentally friendly way to reach France from L.uxThe airport is freeng takes care of “booking and paying The delivery is very simple and only takes a few clicks through the website App Booking The service will begin on November 15 and will be rescheduled.

Behind this innovative service was the algorithm Thanks to knowledge developed by In transit Parent Company SLG. It allows for significant cost savings Depending on the geographical location, the usual means of transportation. how do you do Work? Booking Questions digitally combined and optimized considering Several reasonsS. Such as customer location, real-time traffic and desired arrival time. When Travelers choose the Door2Gate wheel, take it wherever they want, and System t will beAlways try to combine their booking with other passengers while taking care of it Their time. Cheap than taxi, but just as convenient, Door2Gate alone doesn’t help. Save money but reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Tobias S.Tube, CEOThese are the words digitalization and environmental protection. Everywhere today. is contributing to this. As we all know Every great achievement begins with a small step. Door2Gate This is “small. Action ”with which We can offer digital products in our home market to reduce access to Luxembourg Airport. In the meantime, our customers contribute to reducing their carbon footprint. as such Luxembourg company, finally brin very good feelingg Home to this new service Door2Gate Our local market.