Joe Biden, however, has shaken the world of car manufacturing with the advent of Elon Musk and his exciting prankster team. He may need to talk about it.. A short-lived marriage, like the one between General Motors and Nicola Motors, led to some crazy shooting weddings. Mercedes and Toyota hugged Tesla before retreating. Ford, for his part, has been in contact with Rivian and Volkswagen. Here is the latest news.

Splitsville for Ford and Rivian

according to Automotive NewsAfter investing $ 1.2 billion in Rivian, Ford decided to end its relationship with the startup (outside of some of the company’s shares). “At the moment, confidence is growing in our ability to win in the electric field,” Ford CEO Jim Farley said in an interview last Thursday. “Compared to the time we invested today, a lot has changed. We want to invest in Rivian – as a company we love their future – but this time we are preparing our own vehicles.

But don’t cry for Ford. With the recent announcement of Rivian, investment in Rivian may have doubled. GM’s trip with Nicola to Primoz Road is likely to end well.

Ford thinks strong sales are expected in the Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning and E-Transit vehicles. Farley also spoke last week. Expected to reach Tesla in EV production. And maybe this decade is over before the end. He no longer thinks that Rivian needs help to get there.

A.D. By 2020, the two companies have finalized plans to build an electric vehicle for sale at the Lincoln brand. This week, the news broke that they were no longer working together on the ved Ford product. The news is not unexpected. Until October, Ford had a seat on the Rivian Board of Directors, but since then.

“Rivian is a special issue for us; We are like investors because they are like brothers and sisters, ”said Farley. “We know RJ and the company very well.” He said the relationship between the two companies has not deteriorated. In fact, it is “a very good partnership with another company.”

In a statement, Rivian said the two companies “have decided to focus on their own projects and offerings as each other’s interest in EVS grows.” “Our relationship with Ford is an important part of our journey,” said Rivian.

One of the reasons Farley cited in the decision was the difficulty of integrating another company’s electrical architecture with Ford’s home-made software. “We have slightly different business models,” he said. “We like what they do but we go our own way.”

Ford is in tears.

Ford believes it will add value to shareholders by any point in the last century. The push is part of a broader overhaul that includes updating how vehicles are sold, restructuring the supply chain, and expanding recurring revenue-generating software services.

“As a Ford leader, I’m very proud, because we have not had the opportunity to change Ford and create such value,” said Farley. “The chances of this transition to digital production are high.”

Ford a New business relationship with SK innovation. The two companies plan to build three US batteries with a total annual capacity of 129MWh. Farley says this is still not enough and Ford needs more plants. “We want more than we ever thought possible,” he said. “I do not want to give you a number, but it is very clear that we will have to move soon, and it will be more.”

Ford said it will be able to overcome Wall Street’s doubts that Ford’s traditional cars will be able to compete with new entrants such as Tesla or Rivian by setting big goals in the next 24 months.

“We are different from these other companies because we have three beats on hand,” Farley said, referring to the Mustang Mach-E crossover, E-Transit van and the upcoming F-150 lightning. “We have to be number two in the US for electricity sales, and we have to make money on those products. If we do those two things, Ford will be in a different situation, and I believe the narrative will be different.”

Supply chain changes

When Ford builds more electric and connected vehicles, Farley says he needs to reconsider the supply chain. He announced this week that he has reached an agreement with Global Foundation to play a more direct role in purchasing US-made microchips in the hope of gaining more control over chip design. Although Ford expects the chip shortage to last until 2023, Farley says the crisis is easing.

“With semiconductors, we feel we are in for the worst, and we are actively changing supply chain management. But do we all suffer from a lack of memory chips or a lack of camera and sensor? I bet. If you learn from companies like Apple, supply chains will be strategic when technology changes.

But there is a silver lining for the chip. “I think this crisis will be one of the biggest gifts to our industry because of the supply chain change,” Farley said. “We go back and say that we have grown up as an industry with this new document.” The result is that the limits of globalization eventually become self-evident and the gross domestic product (GDP) may be more than half the cost of living far away.

Second MEB-based EV for Europe

Credit Lite Volkswagen

Although Ford is integrating Rivian technology with its vehicles, it is close to signing a second-generation electric vehicle with Volkswagen, a German company. MEB Toolkit, according to In EVs. An official announcement of the deal is expected in the coming weeks.

In a short time, using Ford MEB can save time and money. However, only time will tell if it will be worth it compared to an indoor EV platform car. “Often a manufacturer is more concerned about one thing – in this case with electric cars – it is more willing to invest in its own platform. In EVs He wrote.

Why? Perhaps Ford considers it more important to invest in the electrification of trucks and other commercial vehicles and should temporarily limit investment in car electrifying. But the strategy is not good for low-cost American customers, so they can join the EVI revolution. Ford currently has no plans to compete in that market.

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