Freightline Custom Chassis Corp. The FCCC has launched the MT50e, Universal Electric Part 5 foot entry van, which meets the strict mileage requirements of the last mile supply, regardless of power or performance. The MT50e range offers 170 miles per charge and a total vehicle weight (GVWR) of ,000 19,000 compared to FCCC’s current MT products. The MT50e is designed and built with the same body dimensions as the gas and diesel MT, allowing existing components to integrate with existing modules with little change and ease.

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The MT50e is optimized for driver safety and ease of operation with standard OptiView, fully integrated digital measurement display and DriveTech driver controls. DriveTech keeps each command in one place for easy access. OptiView provides real-time feedback and smart devices such as 360-degree cameras and clear navigation, OEM said in a press release.

MT50e is certified by 50-state EPA and CARB. Additional features and highlights of the MT50e include engine power up to 226 kWh = 303 HP, full battery charge in three hours and a single-piece metal frame with heavy load capacity. To improve driver comfort and safety, the MT50e 50-degree wheels show access to strong rotation radius and mobility, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes and nationwide Detroit eFill charging network.

Detroit Effect Chargers, full commercial vehicle charging stations, widely tested and versatile electric vehicles are sufficient to charge other brands, according to the original manufacturer. A.D. The Detroit Efile Chargers, launched in May 2021, provide an expanding solution for anyone to benefit from quality and reliability.

As a recent addition to the Dimeler Cars North America LLC (DTNA) general electric vehicle portfolio, including the FreeLite Brand Battery Electric eCascadia and eM2, as well as Thomas-built buses, the MT50e provides a clean energy solution for end-of-mile offerings. This is in line with DNA’s goal of providing carbon-neutral products by 2039 alone.