Digital Printing Company Jet Media Network, A subsidiary of a fully digital entertainment and technology company JetSynthesysHe announced that he had raised $ 2.5 million Seed circle.

The financial support was directed. Los Angeles Media Fund And participation from 10X Capital, US-based Investment Syndicate Gingles, Spyvi Private Capital, And Equinox SystemsExcept for parent company JetSynthesys.

Jet Media Network will use the money to expand. Influencer basis In addition to investing in product development, we need to increase the number of musicians, actors, players and influencers.

JetSynthesys, a digital entertainment and gaming company founded in 2020, will support Jet Media Network Celebrities connect directly with fans. And it helps them to be big. Creative Economy.

Live-to-Support Forum Special Content, Bids, Social Media Summary, E-commerce and untouchable tokens (NFT) For digital collectors.

The platform creates fan communities where users can select the interest group and view related content.

“The investment will change direction and demand for food so that celebrities can have more ownership of their brand and content and basically become their own publishers. as well as

The success of the Jet Media Network demonstrates its belief that it has the right technology, strategy and leadership to succeed, ”said Jasper Shertierger, CEO and co-founder of Jet Media Network.

Why it is important

Online consumers are more willing to pay directly to creators, and it has benefited from direct marketing by sponsors and celebrities.

Instagram, the owner of the Facebook group, has been experimenting with a monthly subscription feature to get unique videos and content for users. Earlier this year, Twitter launched Twitter to allow Twitter users to organize and undo tweets. The company has unveiled the Tip Jar feature to enable users to send and receive money.

Cameo, an American-based fan engagement platform, is estimated at $ 1 billion earlier this year and is backed by Google, Amazon and Softbank.

India’s short video app Chingari has launched the $ GARI program in October 2021 to allow content creators to create their own eCommerce space and NFT offerings.

In 2020, JetSynthesys has raised Rs 300 crore from existing shareholders, including Kris Gopalakrishnan, the Adar Yunawala Family Office and the Jatline Group owned by the Navani family to strengthen gaming, digital entertainment and social media.

Edited by Teja Lele Desay