Toronto – (Playmaker Capital Inc. (TSX-V: PMKR) (“Premier”), a leading digital sports media company in sports, betting, media and technology communications, has expanded its core competencies with the acquisition of a two-app digital production agency. Agency Limited (“two-on-one”). Two-App provides technical solutions for the great products of the online gaming industry, including in-class technology equipment and in-depth knowledge of the market for customers News International, BetGenius, William Hill, AtTheRaces, SkyBet and Sporting Solutions. .

Founded in 2016 by game technology expert Robbie Morris, he has now joined the Playmaker leadership team. The acquisition of the Playmer Tulle app includes a team of 24 experienced sales and technology professionals based in two primary offices in London, UK and Krakow, Poland. This team includes 15 engineers with extensive experience in the development of controlled betting products, revenue generating tools, free-to-play games and APIs to major real money gaming operators.

The complex market in which the two-app business operates has unparalleled common knowledge. One of the unique features that dual apps offer to their customers is contextual advertising gadgets, including integrated betting loops with switching and tracking management. Creating, producing and integrating scoreboard and data images; Product development, including native content, through sports, gambling, bingo and esports; And free-to-play application developer services, all supported by a series of back-end engines and content management systems.

In the Pimemer ecosystem, two of the major technology products will be integrated into the PimeMaker’s new proprietary technology stack, the Picker Bench. Playmerker Bench displays a collection of state-of-the-art technology tools integrated into a proprietary software platform designed to increase user engagement and high revenue. Dual-app environments and technical environments instantly add value to the Playmaker Bench.

“Player is a natural fit for two-apps. We fully meet the strengths of the PlayMaker, and as part of the PlayMaker Bench Technology suite, we will increase the playmaker’s revenue-generating efforts on ownership and managed assets.” “This means that our existing and future customers will continue to benefit from what we plan to offer in 2016, which is a first-class service.”

“I’m delighted to welcome the two-app to the PlayMaker family, and I’m delighted to see how Robbie and his team are helping to strengthen the PlayMaker technology supply,” added Jordan Gnat, founder and CEO of PlayMaker. “Two-Up has a deep relevance, credibility and unparalleled connections in the world of online gaming. With this acquisition, we have added value to our shareholders, and we have taken another step towards our mission to build value-added assets for sports fans and customers.”

Transaction details

A.D. Under the terms of the August 31, 2021 purchase agreement, PlayMaker received a 100% Two-Up of up to US $ 5.75 million. The purchase price is $ 750,000 in cash, $ 2.5 million in Playmaker Shares (Playmaker Shares) in Canadian Dollars in Playmaker Share 0.60CAD $ 0.60 and up to a maximum of US $ 2.5. During the three years after the closure, sellers will be reimbursed in the form of non-revenue when achieving certain EBITDA and revenue targets. In addition, EBITDA and Revenue Targets are more likely to earn a bonus from sellers.

TSX Venture Exchange Disclaimer

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor the Regular Service Provider (as defined in the TSX Venture Exchange Policies) will be liable for this release. Satisfaction of the $ 2.5 million or premium income in the Pimemer joint stock will be approved by TSXV.

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About the player

Playmaker (TSX-V: PMKR) is a digital sports media company specializing in sports, betting, media and technology communications. Playmerker is building a suite of major sports media brands designed to serve high-profile sports fans to sports betting companies, leagues, teams and advertisers.

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About two-up

It is a leading agency in the gaming industry, supporting two-level, one-level operators up to beginners. Create a good position in the gambling industry as pioneers and innovators, turn two-app clients into product consultants, and use design and development resources from SkyBet to GamerWager and Fair Customers to use the staff at the Agency’s London and Krakow offices. The two-app function is to simplify the life of the agency’s customers by finding solutions to problems caused by existing infrastructure, lack of time or lack of resources.