Danish designer George Jensen has been in the United States for almost 100 years, but until recently most American consumers had never heard of him.

Recent partnerships with Macy, Williams-Sonoma, With Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks, exploring new categories and price points, that means change.

“We have never met our capacity here,” said Thomas Myang-Perez, managing director. Opened in 1924, the New York City store on Madison Street served as a flag (closed at the end of 2020), but its distribution was limited to a small number of people outside of New York, New Jersey, and the Tripartite area. According to Myang-Perez, Connecticut knows the brand well. In an effort to grow, he began looking for more accessible retailers.

Customized for individual retailers and their young consumers. At home, he focused on recreational items such as bowls and bars. It also created more functional items for the kitchen, more colors and more affordable.

“That is contributing to our growth and success,” Mian-Perez told HFN.

A set of Bernadot tables has just begun.

Recently, Bernadotte’s glassware, dinnerware and tableware pieces, and another set of tables called the Cobra, launched in 2017, and Sky’s Gift and Tables Collection, launched in May, are available at Williams Sonoma, Macy’s and more. Nordstrom. Dinnerware and glassware are new categories for metal manufacturers. A three-part three-course space with two plates and a bowl is made of porcelain dinnerware made in Thailand and the glassware is sourced from Europe.

“Our Scandinavian heritage is the perfect complement to a chef who appreciates quality and timeless designs,” Miang-Perez told the Williams-Sonoma about the Bernadot collection. “As we expand our meeting into practical kitchen appliances and barbecues, we are excited to partner with this type of energy-efficient kitchen retailer in the North American market.”

The retailers described above carry several other George Jensen collections or items, including bar tools and game-related items, such as cardboard in a stainless steel case; As well as lighting fixtures and other home decor.

Bergdorf Goodman, for his part, is offering a wide range of Georg Jensen Classic Sterling Holocaust and the new Caviar Bowl 1507 and the 2021 Master Collection. All are for Bergdorf and are available during the holiday season. Pottery Barn Kids sells the company’s iconic Moneyphant 10 years ago There are also frames and small collection of gift items SKUs. Sachs, for its part, owns the company’s jewelry line.

Jewelry accounts for about 30% of sales in the US. Home is for the most part business.

For the next year, George Jensen is exploring more practical SKUs such as moisture, food storage and cutting boards. And recently he came out with the first Menora. “He’s on the market and he’s doing amazing things,” Mian-Perez said.

Sky Dice Travel Collection; Games is a category that George Jensen intends to expand.

He is also working on games and accessories in the $ 50- $ 100 range, “Mang-Perez said,” good gift points. ” Most of the new gift items, which have long been associated with George Jensen’s luxury consumers, hit a $ 50 major price point and rose to $ 200. “If you want to get that young customer, you need those low prices,” Mian-Perez said.

The company is hoping to reopen George Jensen stores in the United States and return to the New York market, but now many retailers are waiting to measure New York real estate closed in the years before the outbreak and others. In its time those will be shut up.

For now, however, Myang-Perez is focused on building relationships with existing retail partners. “They represent a good choice in the market,” he said.

“We still have a lot of potential for us.”