General Motors has today elected two new technology leaders, one in which the information technology company will be divided into two groups, one focusing on global IT and the other focusing on customer software development.

Fred Kilin reported to CEO Mary Bara and was named Deputy Information Officer and Chief Information Officer. He leads the global IT team using software to support back-office IT and the growth of the company. Kilin recently became Jim’s chief information security officer and CTO, overseeing the automaker’s global information security and IT risk management programs.

Stacey Linnet leads the digital business software team. Reporting b Newly appointed Chief Digital Officer Edward KumerThe team is responsible for developing technology strategies and software products to provide customers with improved products and experiences. It also supports global customer and distribution systems.

Lynett most recently served as CEO and CIO Global Product Development and Quality for GM IT as well as CIO for Global Corporate Activities. In that role, she focused on the company’s day-to-day solution and IT provided support for legal and communications activities.

Both Kilin and Linnet reported the death of Cio Randy last week He announced plans to retire.

Global IT and digital business software teams will be an integral part of GM’s plan to increase software-assisted revenue from $ 20 billion to $ 25 billion by 2030. Innovation, providing the best software and technology solutions to support the company, attracting and retaining talent, professional development and more.

“The new structure and dual operating model allows GM to take full advantage of its strong foundation in IT capabilities, talent and resources, as well as reduce complexity and improve speed,” Bara said in a statement. “As we move from automation to platform innovation, Stacey and Fred bring unique backgrounds and experiences that help us take advantage of the opportunities that software plays in our business.”

Vinny Hoxha, vice president of CISO at GM, reports to Killin as chief information security officer.