Modern technology has done a lot to facilitate the relationship between companies and customers, but the world of cosmetic products development can often be complex and fragmented. This week’s Cosmetics Design looks at three companies working to simplify the process from supplier to retailer.

You are goldLaunched in September this year, the Digital Product Development Forum in the United States is developing tools to transform cosmetics manufacturers and suppliers into ideas.

Ariana Andrews, head of sales and marketing at Gold, told Cosmetics Design that the concept was originally developed as a project by international suppliers, ending the epidemic. When it came to the need for a cross-platform platform, Gold developed similar software and opened up space for creators to decide on a product, create an overview, and connect with suppliers.

“There are platforms in the cosmetics industry that are unique to the development and help address some of the needs.”She said. Gold is working to bring all these steps to the forefront of the value chain from the perspective of the brand and then from the supplier to help the developers go through that process in one place..

Ease of use of developers

After working in the cosmetics industry, Andrews says product manufacturers often need two platforms.

First, creators have very versatile tools, such as email or office suits, which, while useful in themselves, do not address specific needs and challenges in cosmetics. Second, you can find very technical platforms specifically designed for formators or specific materials.