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One thing is certain, we have been fed up with the need to save money since childhood. But how many of us have finally experienced it? Either we do not see the point or we do not have the discipline to leave some monthly subsidies for future needs.

There are many reasons to save for the future. You always need money for something today and for the next five or ten years or so. For your dream holidays, children’s education, retirement or any financial emergency. When saving for anything, you need the right savings plan to get started.

Enjoy eXX-certified benefits in AXA.

eSaver with AXA ፡ 2-in-1 Online Savings Plan

Ideally, you may have both savings and death benefits in a 2-in-1 plan. eSaver by AXA It is specifically designed to provide you with an investment-plus-insurance option to facilitate your savings.

The 5-Year Non-Participation Charity offers a number of guaranteed benefits with a 4-year premium payment period from the end of the first fiscal year to policy maturity.

Proven benefits

Basically there is no barrier to entry for you. Guaranteed acceptance! This means you can start saving now without answering medical inquiries or getting a medical examination.

With Guaranteed cash giftNot only will you save for the future, but you will receive a total of up to 20% of your annual premium, which will increase every two years. He is still alive.

In addition to the guaranteed grant, you will receive 105% of the total premium paid at the end of the 5th year Proof of maturity.

In the unfortunate event of your death, your user will receive up to 108% of the total premium paid below. The benefit of death.

Direct Investment Plan

If you are accustomed to making direct investments, an online savings plan with you – eSaver by AXA – is a great way to start. The Short Term Gift Plan will receive an annual premium from RM500 to RM24,000 for 4 years with 5-year coverage.

In other words, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance requires you to pay for the new digital product for only 4 years and receive a refund of up to 8% per year for 5 years. Making it more accessible, the plan is available to Malaysians aged 15 days to 70 years.

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Developing savings habits

The AXA AFFIN Life Chief Product Officer, Dr. and digital / L āzileni zeyineli “be’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē more to encourage people to save and rescue yekovidi -19 epidemic taught to prepare for unexpected situations (ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē) and said main product comes time Digital Officer.

“Regardless of the short-term or long-term savings plan, they both play an important role in getting you into a savings habit. At the same time, it encourages savings for rainy days due to unforeseen circumstances such as unemployment, medical emergencies. Family emergencies, car repairs, home repairs And many other things, ”he said.
“In addition to those informal expenses, there are many other needs for the future, such as weddings, newborns, children’s education, home remodeling, renting a new home, buying a new car, and contributing to your retirement savings.”

“Simply put, without savings, how do you cope with any financial storm?

An integrated approach to savings

So, the sooner you start saving for the future, the better prepared you will be for any future needs. The more you save, the more secure your financial security will be. Be’ē’ēši’ēveri be’ēki’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē’ē “” “sits on savings gives you an integrated approach to the goal of savings goal – it shows a clear direction to how to achieve within five years.

Obviously, there are many reasons for saving in the future. By leaving a safe portion of your income for today, you are putting your financial interests first in your financial planning mindset.

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Start saving now!

It’s a great time to start saving – as soon as you can! Whatever the cause, saving for tomorrow begins now! You can start small and then create a saving habit. A clear and objective goal will be easier and more achievable than what you have already set.
Save with Excel to take action to enjoy financial freedom.

Saving starts with just a few clicks!

In this digital age, saving can be as simple as a few clicks! You can now. open An easy and accessible online savings plan for the comfort of your own home.