An October 2021 survey found that workers who reported being under-employed were twice as likely to say they were about to quit their jobs in the past three months if they were not satisfied with their work. (43% to 23%)

CNBC and Momentive’s Workforce Happiness Index unchanged from April 2021 and November 2020 At 72 out of 100 points

England Cliffs, NJ and San Meteo, CA, November 5, 2021 – CNBC, First in Business International and Momentive (formerly Survey Monkey), an experienced management leader, today announced the results of its latest workforce survey.

Half of all employees say their companies now lack adequate manpower. Forty-three percent of those who say their companies are underfunded have resigned in the last three months. Overall, one-third of employees have considered resigning in the last three months.

The CNBC | Motivational Survey, which surveyed more than 11,000 workers in the United States from October 18 to 25, cites some reasons to believe that human resources are improving in the United States. More than double the number of people a year ago (34% to 18%) in the last six months they say it has become easier to do their job and 25% of employees say the morale among their co-workers is good in Q4 19% by 2020.

Although the morale has improved since last year, the main employee happiness measures are stable. CNBC and Momentive’s Workforce Happiness Index, which measures employee satisfaction by five key metrics, were conducted regularly in April 2021 and November 2020 at 72 out of 100. Those who work in a “mixed” state are a little happier than those who work from home with their regular workplace, or those who work outdoors. (Mixed employees have a happy index 74, vs. 73 completely remote, and 72 completely outdoors).

CNBC and Momentive, as well as more than 4,000 people who are not currently employed, commented on the frequency of the survey. One in five people who are not currently employed say they are looking for a job, and a total of 22% worked last year. When asked what would return them to the workforce, 58 percent said they had to be able to work from home to find a new job, while 51 percent said they would be able to convince them to return to a higher wage.

From October 2021 CNBC | Inspired Human Resource Research Additional key findings include the following:

Lack of staff can lead to low morale and abuse

  • Nearly half (45%) say that inadequate employees are morally weak or unfair, while 22% feel that their workplace has enough manpower.
  • Low-wage workers often think about quitting.
  • Of those who earn less than $ 50,000, 37% plan to quit in the last three months, compared to 25% if they earn $ 150,000 +.
  • Parents of children under the age of 18 (34%) are less likely to say that they intend to quit soon.
  • But mothers with children under the age of 18 are more likely to stop than fathers with children under the age of 18 (37% vs. 32%).

Return to office

  • 16 percent say they are now working full-time at home, down from 21 percent in April 2021 and 22 percent in November 2020.
  • After six months, only 9% of workers expect to be fully employed from home.
  • Fathers are more likely to expect full-time office work within six months (67% to 58%) than mothers.

Most workers say their employers do not need to be vaccinated, but most support President Biden’s vaccination order.

  • Most employers (54%) support President Biden’s order to hire all employees with more than 100 employees. On Kovid-19.
  • Currently, 52% of those present in person support the authority, and 58% are hybrid workers and 65% are remote workers.
  • 37% of employees say that their organization wants in-person employees to be fully vaccinated with Covide-19.

“The good news is that the morale of the workers has continued,” said John Cohen, chief research officer of Momentive. “But in the highly competitive market of emerging markets, employers need to step up their efforts to understand and improve employee morale. Mixed workplaces, full manpower groups and immunization orders can all make a difference. A new standard is coming.”

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CNBC Senior Private Finance Correspondent Sharon Eper will show the results of the CNBC | Momentative Workforce Survey on Friday, November 5th.Th Throughout CNBC’s Business Day program. For more information on the survey, including the full results and methods and in-depth articles, go here

Method die

This encouraging online public comment From October 18-25, 2021, a national sample of 11,227 workers in the United States was conducted. Respondents to this survey were selected from more than 2 million people who conduct daily surveys at the Survey Monkey Forum. The error estimate for this survey is a 1.5 percent increase or decrease. The data were first weighed against age, race, gender, education, and geography. Geography using the current census bureau to reflect population structure.

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