Shanghai, November 08, 2021– (Business wireAt the 2021 China International Import Expo (CIIE), Hanshou announced the launch of a commercial AI camera-based retail solution created in collaboration with Microsoft and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (Sony). The solution combines Sony’s intelligent Vision sensor IMX500, the world’s first imaging sensor with Ii functionality, to integrate the AI ​​process with Microsoft’s rotation and AI capabilities. As part of its partnership with Microsoft AI and IoT Insider Labs, Microsoft Global ISV Hanshow continues to develop innovative solutions to better serve its global customers, especially in the retail industry.

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The new AI-driven retail solution controls out-of-stock products and sends notifications instantly. Photo courtesy of Alexandre Lollipop –

In a busy retail environment, employees are often unable to complete timely and accurate monitoring of the shelf life. This can lead to products being out of stock, misaligned, lost sales, unsuspecting customers, and unattractive store looks. Meanwhile, customer flow analysis is crucial for retailers to better understand customer behavior, including traffic, visited locations, customer routes, waiting times and loyalty.

Hanssou’s AI retail solution monitors non-stock events from product size, customer traffic flows, sales rankings and other storage information. This stores and analyzes data over time to enable not only real-time off-stock notifications but also managers to enhance operations and displays.

This advanced AI retail solution includes Hanssho’s AI Computing (product recognition), digital advertising technology media content on the shelf, Azure AI and IoT platform-based data collection and analysis from Sony’s IMX 500 intelligent view sensor. This also opens up new sales opportunities for retailers and creates more customer behavior information to help target targeted advertising.

The sensor extracts metadata (image data) rather than image information, which helps to reduce data traffic and address privacy concerns by not collecting personal information. A similar Hanshu solution has already been used in supermarket settings. A major supermarket chain using the same AI technology showed off 50% off-stock time.

This solution and tripartite partnership was born out of a Microsoft Partner enabling program that enriches existing technology ecosystems by recruiting qualified partners with experience, sales and marketing resources to accelerate marketing time through Microsoft AI and IoT Insider Labs.

Hanshu’s experience in the global retail market, combined with technology support from Microsoft and Sony, is helping retailers to become more efficient and profitable by accelerating collaborative initiatives to better serve the rapidly changing and diverse retail industry. Solutions in manufacturing and other industries with Microsoft and Sony, ”said Shiguwo Hugh, CEO of Hansshow.

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Hanshu is a global leader in the development and production of electronic shelf labels and digital storage solutions. As an innovative leader in the industry, Hansho is committed to providing its customers with a series of world-class IOT touch points and digital storage solutions. Hanshu Intelligent-enabled platforms and systems provide customer-centric insights, enable retailers to streamline their operations, and provide better pricing strategies to provide users with a more personalized experience. Hanshou currently serves more than 20,000 stores in more than 50 countries. Find Hanshow

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